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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Living Beyond

I was outside working in my garden the other day just taking some time to relax. I love to be in my garden. I find peace and satisfaction from toiling in the soil. Being in my garden was one of life's pleasures I truly missed while I underwent Chemo.
Being outdoors, under the sun, feeling the breeze blow across my face was a gift. Being apart of the life around me was an inspiration to my spirit. It was like receiving a wonderful, yet totally unexpected gift. Life was breathing it's precious vitality back into my soul.
I knelt there with my youngest Micah by my side in the dirt and opened my senses to the beauty of spring. A time when life renews itself and I allowed that wonder to take hold of my own body, spirit and soul. It was time to allow myself a complete renewal of my own sense of spring, acknwoledging this new woman inside me and a time to release the winter with all it's bareness. It was time to let the fear of loss go and time to embrace this new spirit of empowerment!
Just as one removes thorns and weeds from the garden come the spring so must we remove the toxic people whom would choke the life and soul out of our own existence. The spring is a time to heal, both physically as well as emotionally. It is time to emerge from the silence of winter and not just speak loudly, but live loudly. No more hibernating from the cold! Spring has sprung and with it so have the survivor's of winter. It's time to pay it forward, time to nurture your soul and to water the seeds of your inspiration! Time to make a difference and time to take a stand. Time to grow and to flourish. Time to live beyond the cancer and time to thrive in this new season of our lives ... the winter of our discontent has past and now it is time to bloom in this, the springtime of our lives!
Christina Olachia


  1. I saw the movie "Play If Forward" and it was hugely inspiriational to me as well. Your words stike a chord of having found the beauty in all the ugliness( your cancer). Beautiful post. (Hugs) Indigo

  2.  I am here from Kims journal also and am glad she told us about another strong woman.  Love your humor and fight.  best of luck with your upcoming surgery.


  3. Hello - found you via Kim.  Love your spirit and depth and humor.  I hope your surgery goes well, sorry it's not the one you've long awaited, though.  I'm a fellow uni-boober, working on becoming a bi-boober!  LOL!  Take care and enjoy that fresh air!!  I'm right there with ya!

  4. Christina, came over from Kim's site.....have read all your journal words and must say you are one strong spirited lady who has been through a lot.  Your attitude and your jest for life will see you through anything and there's no doubt in my mind about that. Bless you dear....Arlene (AJ)

  5. Pay it forward.....

    3 wonderful words to live by!

    That movie was wonderful

    Your positive insight on life is so



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