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Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Soap Box

I Will Not Be Silenced!

I will not go quietly! I simply refuse to be silent. Shall I yell loudly? Must I stomp and shout to be heard? I call out to all those whom would come to silence me, to stomp out my strength and to quiet my courage. I say this now; I will not go quietly. None of us will go easily. I stand now, arm and arm, united with fellow survivors ready to fight, and ready to overcome. I raise my voice to inspire those still traveling this rugged path and I raise my voice in honor of those whom have gone on too soon. I shout from the depths of my soul as I vow to live every day in the face of death!

I say no to all those whom come to quiet me. I will not back down. I will not be broken. Even if my body falls weak, I will bend as the path moves me. I will not remain silent nor shall I be bound to illness. With the strength of those who have come before me I stand. I say now even though I may splinter, I will not be broken!

I take my place in this fight with humility and awe knowing I now speak for all those who cannot. I drink from the cup of wisdom passed down from survivor to survivor. I carry with me their stories, their convictions and I make them mine. I will hold true to the fight. I am a warrior now as I go into the fight always before me with a battle cry. I speak for those whom have been silenced and I speak for all those who are striving to live. I am strong, but not of my own accord. I have gained my strength from the battle within me, from the battle within all survivors. I am tried and I am true and I will not be silenced! I will not go down without a fight!

To some I may seem weak. To others I appear tired. I may even seem to have abandoned what to some means the most, vanity. But in truth I have gained more than I have ever lost. For I have gained a voice, as I have gained a new lease on life. I now speak from an inner strength I can always count on.

I will not hide nor will I run. I am a fighter and a survivor. I refuse, though some have tried, to give up my voice. I will not be quiet. I will shout my victory for all the world to hear! I will not be silenced. I must stand now or sink like a stone. I will stand tall proud of my scar. I must stand now or conceded to defeat. Yes, it is true, I may have lost my breast, but I have not lost my grace. In truth, what I have lost has made me whole. My body may be less than desirable to some, but to others my heart is full. I have nothing to fear and I have everything tolive for.

So I choose to live life as if I were dying. I choose to never forget what I cannot change. I am a cancer survivor, not it's victim. So right here and right now, I shout it out, " I choose to be loud and to live life as loudly as I can!" I am here to stay and I am here to speak. I will not be silenced!

By: Christina Olachia


  1. First of all I would be telling that bitch it has nothing to do with her, she don't want to deal then by all means move on, I have no room in my life or my heart for mean spirited people....I think she is having a hard time with the fact that it is not her in this cancer "limelight" so to speak..she doesn't want your cancer, she wants the attention you are getting for it.

    My very own SIL had the nerved to tell me that my cancer had nothing to do with second hand smoke...hello! any carcinogens certainly didn't help my situation either. I know what type of BC I have....then she really made the mistake of telling me that she is the one who is still smoking therefore she is the one dealing with cancer..........excuse me? I thought that was me...you know the one who had her breast removed, her belly relocated to where that said breast used to be located and did the 4 months of chemo! I had to remind her that I am the one dealing with cancer and she is only dealing with "MY" cancer...of course she was drunk at the time....but this woman used to be a Respitory Therapist and is now a NICU nurse. People can be so ignorant...I'd cut that so called friend of yours loose! Seems she is the one with the negative vibes. Warrior on my new friend in PINK!

  2. I have always said a true friend will be by your side in joy and in sorrow. To me it's like a form of marriage; it requires trust, love and devotion to those who care about us. So on that note, I'm asking you my newfound friend to please divorce this woman from your life. Your right about needing to have someone behind you positive and rooting for you. This woman to me is just vile, self serving and empty.
    A true test of freindship is those who stand by you despite the moods, your health, and whatever else is going on in your life. As for this journal, rant, scream, cry, whatever your heart needs at the moment. This is your therapy , what the hell right does this woman have to question your words. If she where not so ignorant, perhaps she would already know the first thing a therapist request of you , is to write down whatever is going through your head. Secondly this is YOUR journal, no one has the right to tell you what to write or how to write it. If they don't like it, there is that little X topside they need to learn to use it. I for one will be keeping you in my prayers on the smoke for peace and health in this next bout ahead of you. Wishing you love and peace from my spirit to yours! (((Hugs))) Indigo

  3. Christina, hold your head up high and go forth.  Don't let anyone who tries to bring you down be a part of your space.  You need support, not downers in your life.....feel free to borrow my personal slogan "No One And Nothing Will Get Me Down", works for me dear.  I find those that are negative are the ones with the problems, could be your cancer scares your friend and she doesn't know how to handle or deal with it herself.  Go a different direction, there are always more caring friends out their to meet and share with that will accept you for who you are, that's what ral frienship is about.  Tell your husband you don't want to hear anything about her.....right now you need peace in your heart.  My thoughts and prayers are with you dear....Arlene (AJ)


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