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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My To Do List

My To Do List

1. Sign up for mastectomy, have breast whacked off! (done)

2. Poison 101, chemotherapy; Flush, Drip and Hurl. (done)

3. FREAK OUT! ; loose hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. (done)

4. Save the Boobies! Wear pink and walk, no run, for a cure. (done)

5. Go insane, blame it on chemo brain ! (done)

6. Weed, feed, water & massage : Instant hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.(done)

7. Skip the detour and recklessly enter the (re)construction zone. (done)

8. Learn to fight like a girl; engage in a fist ta' cuffs. (done)

9. Get rid of the lopsided boob; hit the excelerator and exit the (re)construction zone.( almost done)

10. Conquer the World! (Working on it!)

Laughing At Cancer, Living Life and Loving It!



  1.  Honestly, this should be on a t-shirt.  What a absolutely great list.  Love your spirit and fight.


  2. From one breast cancer survivor to another........And to quote you....

    "Laughing At Cancer, Living Life and Loving It!"

    The same goes for me too!   Jeanie


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