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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Never A Dull Moment!

"Never a dull moment!"

Yes, at times life seems to copy cat that old Dick Van Dike movie. I visualize myself swinging on large balloons, paint flying everywhere and running, while falling, and still trying to get back up again, away from the bad guys! LOL

My day started with sitting an hour for an ultrasound in an empty office. Followed by driving all the way back across town to see my GYN (who is great by the way). I barely remember eating lunch somewhere in there. Then as I was about to pull into the parking lot I received a call from the school. Micah's arm was hurting so off I went to the school to save the day with pain meds (wonder woman theme song playing in the background, lol).

OK, back to the serious side of things, lol. When I got there he was crying. So I tried to calm him down, give him meds and send him back to class so I could get to the doctors office. Ever feel as if you are traveling in a crazed, out of control, parallel universe? Well, that was my Mom and I today. Except we were in a mini van, but it felt more like an old Ford LTD, with no seat belts as we were holding on to the dash board for dear life around corners trying to make it to the office on time!

Once I was there, we had to park in the lower quadrant. Of course as we were walking into the building a parking spot right in front opened up. Just my kind of luck, lol. Finally, I was told that I have a wound infection and a small hernia. It's a wonder that it didn't happen sooner. So now I am on new meds and bed rest. Well, we shall see how that goes. But the kicker came just as I was walking through the front door of my home. Just as I was about to collapse and pass out for a bit, Micah walks through the door with his cast in his hand! Yes, you heard me right! Not on his hand, in his hand. The cast had slipped completely off. So we all piled back in the speed demon of a mini-van and took to the roads again. By the time 5 o' clock came around Micah had a new cast (this one glows in the dark) and I was spent.

Complain? No never! Without the constant chaos, all humor would be lost. No, I can handle it, well maybe. There are definite times I hear the loud sirens of the paddy wagon coming for me and the peanut gallery singing, "They're coming to take me away, he hah, to the funny farm."

I would say on some days it definitely feels as if the key stone cops have arrived and are falling out of the cars they have just crashed into my life with! But honestly, I love life. I embrace all it offers. I love the unknown and the comical, yet crazy moments life offers me everyday. Yes, life can drive you up a wall and back down again, only to lead you right back up it again. But truly, isn't that what makes living worth it? To have to slow down and live life in the slow lane would probably kill me just as much as my breast cancer will eventually. Yes, I did just say that, but I am at peace with the idea of all the unholy, crude irony that this disease offers me on a daily basis. What I am not comfortable with is the idea that I can just get over it and be normal. I will never ever be normal in that sense again. I will never just take a back seat to life or ride the kiddy coaster again. I am still here, still breathing and still living, and as long as I am doing all three I will be living life as loudly as possible!

Why there are those that think I just walked up, signed on the dotted line, raised my right hand and volunteered for cancer is beyond me. But there are those sick persons who actually fantasize about the attention they would receive if they had breast cancer. Tell you what, I will gladly hand it over to them if they really want to take on the burden. Do I hear a "hear hear" from the gallery? lol.

Sorry, it has just been one of those days here in the Lone Star State today. Wow, do I ever feel better! Glad I got that off my chest.



  1. "I am still here, still breathing and still living, and as long as I am doing all three I will be living life as loudly as possible!"

    AMEN SISTA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why anyone would fantasize about the attention they would receive if they had breast cancer is beyond me... some people haven't a clue, and have apparently never watched a family member suffer from it....and have never lost a loved one because of it. I'm sad to say that i have...and I hope i never have to again... my Aunt Judy was only 43...and turned 44 on the day she was buried... She was one of my best friends... I miss her dearly.  Sorry girl, that just struck a nerve with me that anyone would feel that way!  


  2. Talk about spinning out of control and trying to walk a straight line afterwards LOL!
    Hopefully tomorrow you can wind down and get some "Me" time for yourself. Why someone would emulate Breast Cancer or a handicap for that matter is beyond me.
    I have had people walk up to me and actually say they think it's cool to be deaf and use sign language. I have stared blankly at these responses thinking to myself you really have no idea.........I wouldn't wish my deafness on anyone. I do wish there was some way to make life easier for you hon. You definately have your hands full. Seeing as your in Texas and I'm in NY I'll have to offer my support and love here online. I see through you and Kim and a whole bunch of other friends what Cancer does.......It's nothing to emulate. I hate what it does. Keeping you in my prayers on the smoke. (Hugs) Indigo

  3. Quote..'Never a dull moment!'
    That's how life should be lived and is lived when there are young children around. Who would want it any other way?  
    When we were young my brother broke his arm and had a plaster put on it.  Ashamed of how dirty it was prior to going to hospital to have it checked out he washed it!   Well!.....it helped the nurse to take it off more easily ...Lol!
    I am a breast cancer survivor and having gone through all the chemo and radiotherapy it was no joke or game for that matter.  It's sad that some folks lives are not interesting enough for them that they have to take on something like cancer by proxy.  They need help.
    As for you young lady....any quiet moment you spy in the near future should be grabbed and you should give your body a few zzzz's of sleep.  Re-charge those Mommy batteries.  You will and can cope with everything life throws at you.  As I always say....we women are made of 'Iron Girders'.    Jeanie


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