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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Story of a Woman

Breast Cancer can do so much to a woman's body, spirit and soul. Yes, it can take away so much, leave you feeling as if you are insignificant, deficient, and lacking in strength. From the moment those words are uttered your journey begins. Suddenly you feel as if it is you against the world. You are now navigating through all the ups and downs, through the hurt and pain, both emotional and physical. Some leave you as they take other paths leading away from you, while others surprise you by joining you, walking side by side through your entire journey. Life changes and you change with it. Breast Cancer is a learning curve, a teacher, an enemy and at times a friend. This is what this beast has done to me....


This is the story of a woman. She is a lover, full of desire. She is a mother full of hope. She is strength, as she holds her weakness deep within. Her heart is true, and while her spirit is torn in two, her soul is full of grace.

She is lost and she is abandoned. She is hidden and she is restless. She is eager to fly, to be found and unbound. Behind these walls that keep her and the chains that hold her to the floor, there is a surge of passion waiting to escape, to be released.

Deep, hidden inside her lies a desire, a tenderness, a lover, a passion just waiting to be unleashed, and set free. She is hope, holding her heart in her hands. She eagerly awaits the sun to rise each new day ready for its glow to set her life ablaze with new found strength, love and unbound brilliance.

As a circle is true, so she is bound to herself to find her own truth. Looking deep within herself, she sees a woman caged deep within her own eyes. All hope she feels is lost, no life and no strength to be found within her.

Yet hope is clear and hope is true. As clear as the dawn, she sees through the muck and the mist clouding her sight. An awakening, a deep knowing, a vision and an insight is revealed within her. This ember inside her soul begins to grow into a fire giving her strength, hope, a deep desire and a need for passion once again.

Finding her way, and breaking free from the old, she finds deep within herself an independent spirit within her new life. She is beauty and she is grace, a creature of her own design. As a lover, a mother, and a daughter she is complete. She is a fiery spirit and still a gentle breeze. She is a warm summer day full of endless possibilities and she is a warm rain falling down on hungry fields.

Wild and untamed ,she is an adventure waiting to be set upon and explored. She is youth, free to love, free to desire and to create passion without fear of boundaries. Longing to awaken her desire, to fan the flames, to consume and to be consumed she retreats to the quiet, inner peace of her heart, complete now to live, to breathe, to love as a free spirit.

This is the story of a woman ... of hope, of truth, of a life taken to flight, this is the story of me.



  1. Keep Flying.  ~ Mary

  2. Beautifully, enchantingly You!! Your spirit will keep your wings in flight to carry you ever higher. (Hugs) Indigo

  3. 'An awakening, a deep knowing, a vision and an insight is revealed within her'.

    Life becomes beautifully meaningfull and something to cherish and fight for too.
    We are given an unique insight into our mortality and stare it in the face only to dance and spin and laugh and cry and run a gamut of emotions that cannot be controlled by 'Cancer'.  Only ourselves.
    Sing....and fly my friend.  Its a beautiful life.   Jeanie

  4. Your writing is amazing...Christine
    It touches me deeply...you are an
    Inspiration to me...and many others!
    You are beautiful and your kids are adorable


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