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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Why is it that things never seem to go as planned? Once again, my plastic surgeon has changed his plans and in turn changed mine. I received the call about an hour ago.
My breast reconstruction is off. I am really upset about it. I am accepting it, but I did have a moment when I fell apart. It has been so long coming, and I was really ready to be whole again and to stop dressing in layers. But so goes the cancer game.
So, now my hysterectomy has been moved to Tuesday. Yes, you heard right! We have a 7 day count down till the uterus (that was just for Dennis) at all comes out! I am having a full abdominal hysterectomy. They are taking it all out, lock stock and barrel. After consulting the doctors have decided I will be placed on hormones. I am not really happy with that since it will increase my chances of breast cancer in the other breast. But, apparently my ovaries are not in great shape and they feel it is a greater risk to keep even the tiniest amount in. I am really scared about this one. I know I should be a pro at going into the OR( this is just # 6 in 15 months), but I admit this one worries me. This is the beast. My oldest is a mess about this one too. I just reassured him last night that it would be another month before he had to worry. Now I have to tell him it is happening next week! I hate cancer! I really do. I hate all that it has done to my family and my friends. Cancer sucks big time! There, now that I got that off my chest, (didn't mean it literally, lol) I feel much better, lol.
I need to get my mind ready fast I guess. I am not one to stay still, so knowing I will have to be inactive and in the hospital close to a week, does not sit too well with me. I will get my mind wrapped around it by Tuesday. I also really need to get my house and family in order since I will be down for six weeks. I'm not a quitter and I will come through this just fine.
My breast surgery will now happen on Thursday, May 24. Better late than never I guess!
Well, I better go grab a good stiff root beer(since I can't drink right now), and chill out, lol.


  1. I have found a new friend and a funny one at that! I love your graphics in your side bar! So cancer takes a breast right? it can't take our whacked sense of humor can it?? People can buy boobies....sense of humors they can't find..not even on eBay! lmaoooo

    Warrior on Girl!


  2. Kim directed me to your journal, she was the one that commented below. I have grown fond of her and been there listening to her as she struggles with her own battle. After reading this I have to say you are both amazing women. I hope you don't mind one more reader cheering you on against the odds. (Hugs) Indigo

  3. I came by way of Kimberleigh!  I just had a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago Thursday.....I am back at work BUT I am a strong healer....I go for my appt today....most importantly?  dont lift...dont sweep....dont mop....dont vacuum....dont do laundry :) :) :) ...and walk as soon as they will let you and walk a little more each day....


    I am private BUT I let anyone but family in....lol...let me know if you want to stop by and see me! :)

  4. Hoping all goes well with the surgery!!
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers
    My husband and I will be together 17yrs total
    on May 24th....we will be married 12 in July =)

    Big Hugs!


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