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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Fight

Why We Fight...

We fight for life. We fight for all that has been lost and the pieces of our lives still scattered on the wind. We fight for the lives we once held in our hands full of dreams and we fight for the glimpses of hope we still hold close to our hearts. We fight for the wives we once were and the mothers we still hope to be. We fight for the cause, to eradicate fear and denial. We fight for those who can no longer and we fight with those who stand beside us yet untouched by this disease.

We fight for the hope of not just a cure but healing of the mind and spirit. We fight because we want to live, to breath and to embrace each moment given to us. We have conceded enough. We have given our breasts, our hair, and for too many, our lives. We have given enough!

We fight for our children to give them a life filled with hope and not fear. We fight to fill our days with the lives, the giggles and the innocence of our children, giving them hope for a new day. We fight to fill their lives with happiness, laughter and love even as we fight ourselves to smile.

We fight for our husbands, our lovers, our soul mates destined to walk this journey with us. We fight to ease their pain, comfort their souls and lift their spirits even as our own bodies fail us. We fight to leave a part of ourselves, the true spirit of who we are and the soul of the women we once were forever locked away within our partners hearts.

We fight for life as we fight for love and for friendships held dear. We fight one battle at a time, drafted in to this army of women, young and old alike. We fight for a cause and for hope. We fight along side each of our sisters in arms, all warriors, intended or not, we have each heard the call, lifted the banner and charged the battlefield. There is no time to think or ask if we're ready. There is not enough reassurance to convince us of victory, but we will not accept defeat! We will carry on, even as we send sister after sister in to the pools of death sailing in to the great unknown.

We fight even if it be unto the end. We fight for all that is precious and all that true. We fight for freedom, we fight for peace and we fight for hope.

This is WHY WE FIGHT...



  1. Keep fighting Christina...give it all you got!
    We are standing beside you every bit of the way

  2. With tears in my eyes, fight on Christina, fight on!

  3. Christina your words said it all, so very touching and why you fight and showing your kids picture speaks for itself dear.  Never give up the fight, each day can bring a miracle for you and others needing it....I've seen the miracles happen in my own family...Bless you, Arlene (AJ)

  4. You are very inspiring.

  5. As always your words ring with inspiration, hope, love and all the wonderful things you hold within your spirit. Beautiful entry hon, I'm fighting right along side you to see a better day and a better world. (Hugs) Indigo


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