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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hello Ya'll!

Well, let me first say that I am thrilled with my new doctor. She is wonderful. Her office was like coming home in a way. The rooms and walls are full of comfy, heart warming and welcoming pictures, nick nacks etc. She is also all about empowering her patients with knowledge, file copies and giving each woman plenty of time. When you have an appointment, you have her time and not the other way around. She spent about 3 hours with me going over everything from my initial staging to what I can expect in the coming years. The best thing is that she schedules only 2-3 women at a time. That was a welcome wonder after being one of 30 waiting for a doctor.

As for my health? I am well. Yes, I do have a few hiccups to get past, but over all I am confident in my prognosis. I do have mild lymphedema in my left arm so I will see a physical therapist and be placed in a sleeve. No biggie, I have lived without a breast, without hair, so what is a glove? Maybe I will finally look hip, lol. I also need an ultrasound to evaluate a few cysts/lumbs in my right breast. I am still thinking no biggie as they have been watching this anyway. The only reason to reevaluate now is that they have grown just a bit and there is also a small (very small) outward lump on the left "breast" that needs to be looked at.

With all that said I am happy to say I am being put on a new medication (Neurontin) to help with the nerve injury that the chemo did to my body. So overall, things went very well.

I really appreciate everyoneand their prayers.



  1. Glad you found a good doctor!!! yay!!!
    I am still praying for ya ...God bless ad take care, ok>?
    love ya,

  2. Fantastic that you love your new doctor!

  3. I too have a wonderful surgeon who is keeping a close eye on me since my breast surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.  She has always said anytime I need her, or I am worried, to just pick up the phone and she will see me.  She had my recent, all clear, x-rays, blood and bone scan results phoned to me, via my MacMillan nurse, rather than have me read an impersonal letter sent in the post.  I never feel rushed by her whenever I am with her.  I am made to feel that I am the only one that matters and that means a lot.   Doesn't it?  My good wishes to you and your family and thank goodness you have a wonderful doctor too!    Jeanie

  4. It is soooo important that we love our doctors and that they find a connection back to us..get them to laugh out loud once and they see us as people as well as their patients! Praying everything goes well Christina!!!


  5. Christina, sounds like you have the perfect doctor to keep you doing well, so happy to hear your good prognosis report.  You'll do fine with the sleeve, my neighbor across the way is going thru breast cancer treatments and is wearing the sleeve....she's getting along fine.  My prayers will continue for you to keep hearing good news dear. Arlene(AJ)

  6. Hi Christina!
    I must say, I can feel in your words that your spirits have been lifted by your new doctor. How wonderful it is that you have found someone that is willing to set aside the time to go over all aspects, not shove you out the door, as if you are just another number. Her office seems quite inviting, as it should be. To walk into a dark dreary office does nothing to lift the spirits of anyone with cancer, it makes their visit miserable. Wishing you well with the hiccups!

  7. Hi There.  I was just looking through the journals and found yours.
    Ten years ago, I had CAF 3 x, mrm, cmf 8 times and 5 weeks of radiation.  Like you I really wanted to be here for my children.  

    As is apparent, I am still here.  I do recall that after my chemo for several months my joints ached quite a lot - my feet hurt all the time, but this did go away in time.  

    At the time of my treatment, my goal was to make it until my third child graduated from High school.  Well, I have seen that, and he will graduate from college next year.  I now have a grandchild and a wonderful husband who is also a cancer survivor, who make me so happy that I cannot remember what life was like before our illness brought us together.  

    Good luck and I hope you can sometime put the cancer out of your mind, although to be honest I was never very good at that.  


  8. I always love hearing about a doctor who takes the time to get to know their patients and really listen. You are fortunate for the one you have, they are truly a rarity. I loved this post. I can see your spirits soaring, I can feel hope in your words. You deserve the good news after all you have been through dear heart. That picture of you and Micah is priceless, it gave me a smile! (Hugs) Indigo

  9. So glad you like your new doctor that is wonderful!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend


  10. As always you come through with a touching entry. I'm so glad you have a new good doctor. That always means so much to anyone. Paula


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