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Friday, February 1, 2008

This is the Story of a Girl...

This is the Story...

This is the story of a girl born to laugh and to love, to hope and to dream. A girl who learned to cry and wipe away her own tears. This is the story of a girl who grew up to be a wife and a mother, a fighter, and a survivor.

This is my story...

As a child I learned to love and to laugh. I found joy in the simple pleasures of childhood, the days spent with my mother running in the fields of imagination and the hours spent serving my father tea along side my best friend Raggy Ann.

As I grew from a little girl into an awkward young woman I learned to dream and to hope. By day I scribbled my heart's desire down on paper and by night I ventured off to far away places in my drams. I longed to set my soul free, reach for mountain tops and soar above the clouds.

As time passed, so did the years and I became a woman. Life moved forward... love found me and I became a wife. Marriage and love, new hopes, new dreams and another soul to walk along this journey found me. Time marched forward and motherhood was knocking at my door. Gifts times two were granted to me, two sons, an older one and a younger I was blessed with.

Birthdays came and went by, 28, 29 and 30. I was officially thirty something, not exactly aged to perfection, but blessed with life, love and dreams. Then seven months following my thirty-second birthday I learned what it really felt like to cry hot, soul stinging tears. I went into an operating room with dreams and hopes, a life I took forgranted and a heart full of youth. I came out scared, uncertain and older.

As time has marched on I have learned to live with the uncertainty of this thing called BREAST CANCER. I have learned to cry and to laugh, to struggle and to fight, to hope and to dream and to become a survivor. I fear dying too young even as I imagine myself free from this beast. I can win this battle, I can beat this cancer and I can survive if the fates so allow.

Fear, uncertainty, loss, grief, pain and cancer. Strength, desire, uncertainty, loss, hope and cancer. All these parts make up this story. The story of a girl, a daughter, a wife and a mother. A story of hope and of life. The story of a dreamer, a fighter and a survivor... this is my story, this is my life, this is my greatest adventure...



  1. Wonderfully written and inspiring dear friend....I hope someday when things are better for you, you save these memoirs in hopes of publishing them. I truly believe your words will encourage and lend strength to others still fighting this battle. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. Your words really touched me, they should be saved and published one day...your story is like so many others who's life has been touched by cancer and would bring comfort and strength to many who are going through a health situation. Bless you dear....continue reaching for the stars, you'll succeed.  Bless you..Arlene (AJ)

  3. Hello Christina. This is the first time I have stopped by your journal, I wanted to Congratulate you on receiving the Nice Matters award. After reading the above entry, I have had to put the kettle on and make a cup of tea. You have a tremendous spirit and my heart goes out to you. My dad whispered quietly to me last week that laughter was the answer too, so I reckon they must be right! I wish you strength and courage to keep fighting, keeping everything bad at bay. Love Pam xx

  4. Hello Christina it was I who gave you the Award...please feel free to pass it on to others.  You can collect the tag for your sidebar over at my journal.  See link below.
    Much love and prayers comihhng your way.
    Jeanie xxx


  5. Christina..
    I have spending alot of time reading my cousin's journal. She wrote how you reminded her of....her. So, I came here to meet you because I am missing her so. She was right. You have strength! You are a Warrior! I would like to visit more, if you don't mind? I once wrote to Kim....."when I touch the mouse it's as if I'm holding your hand" I feel that here.

  6. That little girl grew to be an amazing young woman who should take pride in all her accomplishments as she faces times of uncertainy. Carry on dear friend carry on.
    Love & Hugs

  7. Stopping by to read your journal.  Don't get to visit around too much but I pop in and read yours when I get time to read.  
    Praying for  you.  

  8. kellygib1@hotmail.comFebruary 17, 2008 at 4:42 PM

    my thoughts and my prayers go out to you. You are an amazing person who has come so far.....you have grown from a little girl into a beautiful, courageous, and a strong willed woman.....I will think of you often and will pray for you more.....


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