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Sunday, January 27, 2008


I know that it has been a while since I have really updated anyone on what has been happening here. Life has been quite complicated the last couple of months. There has been a great amount of struggle surrounding the our lives along side of our computer dying.

December brought our family to a halt as we ran into and had to face sudden and thick walls. By the grace of the Lord above, wonderful friends and loving family we we able to climb over and eventually blast through a great many of those walls. In all honesty there were times that I was unsure of my own footing and faltered in my hope. But as I said by grace we can stand knowing that all is well.

As for my health, the holidays were not what I planned as I was very sick with pneumonia and in the E. R. both the 23 rd and 26 th of December. Then for a bonus, I under went 5 major tests and additional blood work in regards to my R. A. So it was trying to say the least. Now I am just dealing with the new pressures of uncertainty, lol. But seriously cancer is a constant monkey on your back. Yes, I am in remission and I am thankful for that one word everyday. But I am still dealing with the complications or as I call them, the casualties of the beast. I see my oncologist again in February. As for now, I see the doctor every 2 weeks. He is a very kind and genuine doctor but still I hate that I have now been diagnosed with R. A. It is not what I wanted to hear, but it is what is happening to my body. It is getting harder for me to type, so it takes me longer to place an entry in my blog or respond to an email. My hands are the greatest hit right now, though my hip, neck and spine are following close behind. Getting out of bed, opening a door or at times just moving my legs is very painful. But I am a fighter so fight I will! No complaining, no feeling sorry for myself, just pushing forward with a positive attitude.
I have been placed on 8 additional medications which brings my grand total to 17. But if it will help slow the deterioration down, then I am on board.

I am also dealing with this lump on the back of my skull. It is sitting on a pressure point so it is causing me headaches, etc. I am suppose to see a surgeon to have it removed, and I will as soon as things slow down. As for my breast reconstruction, well I am still under construction, lol. I see my surgeon in March. At that time, 25 months after first loosing my breast the process should be complete. But I am not sure that I want to keep the breast to be honest. It is so uncomfortable and I am not convinced that the silicone is not the reason behind my recent R. A. diagnosis. Johnny and I are seriously considering having it removed and just being done with it. I can live with one breast. There are more options out there than ever before. Besides, it is not my breasts that make me a woman, it is my heart, my soul and my spirit that tell the world who I am. I am just weary from all this. I am tired of all this mess. Just last week I started having problems with my other breast. The fear that gripped me was overwhelming. But thankfully when all was said and done my GYN felt it was an infection from my breast surgery in September. Go figure.

As for my sweet dad, he is doing well. His radiation is almost done (just one more week left). He is tired, but feeling well. The outlook is really positive, so we are are extremely pleased with that news. He has a really great team of doctors and a family that really loves him. He is always the soldier, strong and stubborn. I love and admire him greatly.

Before I go, I just wanted to say to all, that I too miss Kim. It has taken me a while to be able to put that into words here in my journal. It's as if saying it makes it true, brings it home that she is gone. I loved her as we all did, and I miss her as we all do. My heart breaks at the thought and my spirit grieves for the loss. She was a fighter, an inspiration and a fellow sister in arms.

I love each of you. I am ever grateful for all the love and support I have received in emails and messages. I could not stand with so much HOPE if it were not for your encouragement and prayers that fill my life with strength and courage



  1. Christina it's always a joy to hear from you. I continue to keep you and your dad in my prayers on the smoke. Your in my thoughts always. If removing the breast makes life easier, your right it doesn't define you as a woman. Your heart and compassion have already done that. I'm so sorry you have to deal with the added pain of RA on top of everything else. Your a true warrior my dear friend standing tall amongst it all. We all miss Kim....I know she loved you and cheered for you as much as you her. It is hard to mention her passing...but I take comfort that she didn't leave us entirely. Kim left footprints across our hearts so we will always know she was there and continues to look out for us. Stay strong dear friend, I AM HERE for you. (Hugs) Indigo

    P.S> I'm sending an email your way shortly. (Hugs) Indy

  2. Christina know you are going through alot and have been with your breast cancer and all the treatment, follow-ups, etc. and the side effects you have to deal with, just want to say I'm proud of you for your strong, positive attitude through all of this...isn't easy, but you are one strong lady and an inspiration to everyone going through a rough time health wise. You are right, your breast doesn't define the wonderful, caring, loving woman you are. Bless you dear.  Glad to hear your Dad is doing good and the outlook is positive.  Take care, hope you can feel the hug I'm sending via the internet to you....Arlene (AJ)

  3. Dear Christina:  Not sure if I have ever commented before in your journal, but have looked forward to each entry, and admire you for your courage.  As the others said, you are one strong woman.  Sorry to see you now have RA, but hopefully it will go in remission, as it frequently does, when your other problems are ended. At least that will be my prayer for you.  Hugs, LaVern

  4. Dear Christina,

    You are certainly having your share of ill health.  I'm so sorry to hear that you were in hospital over the Christmas period.  That must have been a worry for your family!  I am hearing more and more of peple going to hospital with pneumonia.  I am so glad I have had an injection against catching it.  Here in England over 60's or chronically ill people with asthma and bronchitis are given it as a right for free.  Thank God!
    You are making a sensible choice about your breast.  It doesn't define you.  Your character and personality does that.  Your humanity too for others.
    I can't think of Kim without tears welling up in my eyes.  I loved her spirit, and her humour too.   She was a powerful fighter of this horrible breast cancer.  
    I get side effects left over from my chemo too.  Recently my musculo/skeletal problems flared up and I just had to take to bed as it was almost too painful to breath or move.  Thank goodness it just flares up.  So you see I understand what you are going through.
    That is wonderful news about your Dad.  Prayers are powerful words; thoughts and feelings mixed in with them help to make God listen.  They really do work.
    Stay well my friend.
    Much Love
    Jeanie xxxx


  5. Christina once again I sit here in tears. I feared you had much more on your plate than we realized you have been in my thoughts and prayers. My daugther in law has struggled with RA for several years, it's heartbreaking watching her try to do the simple things many of us take for granted. Her doctor feels she needs to be on disability she keeps telling him no, she is determined to keep working as long as she can. It is great to hear that your Dad is doing well. Like you, it is hard for me to put into words how my heart feels in losing Kim. It is hard for me to put into words how my heart feels about your daily struggles. Simply put, I love you and I care!
    Love & Hugs


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