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Saturday, March 8, 2008



What is Hope? Is it just a front, a way of coping, encouraging yourself when there is nothing else to say or do? Is hope just a catchy a way of patting a friend on the back? Is Hope a silly idea or just a word we use to rally support for a cause? No, Hope is more than that, stronger than that! Hope is a living part of us, hope is the air we breath, the water we drink and the light we embrace each day with!

Hope is life, and it is how we live our lives. Hope lives in our laughter and in our tears. Hope picks us up when we fail and stands by us when we succeed. Hope is present when we fall and when we rise. Hope does not die, no hope re-invents itself in the legacy we leave behind. Hope is not always patient, yet hope does continue to inspire us, pushing us forward. Hope reminds us of why we are grateful. Hope does not concede defeat yet hope knows when to graciously bow out of conflict. Hope whispers in our ears to be thankful not just for what we have but also for what we do not have.

Hope is ingrained into our soul, written across our heart and a constant beautiful companion to our spirit. Hope is why we dream and why we fight. Hope is both apart of death and of life. Hope is present in both our joy and our grief. Hope carries us when we are to weak to walk. Hope speaks for us when we are overcome by pain. Hope is how we live in spite of our fear. Hope is the light that paves our way in the darkness. Hope is everywhere and in everything. No, hope is much more than just a word or an idea whose time has gone. No, Hope is our CONSTANT.


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  1. Hope is full to the brim with Love and Good wishes too.
    A lovely entry Christina.
    Jeanie xxxxx


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