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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey everyone.

First I am sorry that I have not gotten this out sooner. Second because I am just not all there and coordinated, please forgive any and all typos and misspellings that may follow?

Well,On Thursday the 21st I had surgery and had those lumps removed from my head. It took more anesthesia than they thought so the following day I was sick as usual after I have those kind of things done. I think this makes #9 in 3 years. At least it is creating a bigger gap, lol. That makes like only 3 a year average now8-) . I can tell you having to hear them cutting is bad enough but having to feel it it is even worse! So I am still kinda recovering from that. I have two areas, about 2 inches long each with stitches right now. I will get them out on Friday. They are not so bad now, but I still can't lay my head down yet without wincing. I did find out good news but then I got hit with more news as usual and I have just not been able to pull myself together yet. They were tumors but thank the Lord they are begin. That is incredible news and enough to cause me to jump up and down! I was told that they will come back and every time they do they will need to be removed and biopsied. The larger one was deep and sitting on a nerve so that was a problem. One reason I was having so many headaches and dizziness. They also are more rare on the skull and supposed to run in the family. Go figure, since when did I do anything normal? LOL. Nothing I have runs in the family, lol. Oh well I can at least say that I am unique right? :-D The other thing, as a lot of you know is that I have been struggling for months with my calcium ( too high), iron, vitamin d ( both too low) and liver levels (again too high). They just keep causing problems and more tests then no one works together and I am left with more questions that before. Part of the reason whyI was waitingtill this week to type s omething up. I just feel at times that I have no control over the beast and it drives me crazy.

So Friday afternoon I was feeling pretty good. Flying high so to speak. Then I came home from having lunch with Micah and there is a message from the Rheumatologists office. I love this doctor. He is on top of things and very honest. His office may a bit slow but he is so worth it! So I was taken back by surprise when I heard his office on the machine asking me to call back as soon as I could regarding my test results (taken just the day before). This doctor is the one of about 2 out of the 9 of them that seems to keep both eyes on me and not just one. He had noted the day before that my goiter had grown larger and so he ran a thyroid panel ASAP without telling me. He had the results and he said he was very concerned because my numbers we severely out of whack. Funny thing is my Endo had just said I was fine. ( But your goiter doesn't grow unless something is up).Then again things can change quickly so I can't really fuss about the Endo. She is good and does care. These are my results:

TSH was high at 19.74 ( norm is 0.3 - 3.0)
T4 was low at .7 ( norm is 4.4-12.5)
T3 was 2.9 ( norm is 80-220)

So he sent things over to the Endo and wanted something done immediately. Guess what? I heard nothing, but I was sent for more blood work via the lab. They checked the parathyroid, my liver, my iron, my vitamin d and my calcium yet again. They need to coordinate honestly and just do the CT and scans that they keep holding back on. Something isn't right and they need to get it worked out so I can have my energy back. The liver thing just drives me nuts as it is up and down all the time and yet as soon as they get a good number they decide nothing needs to be done. But there has to be a reason for the roller coaster. Liver numbers just don't sky rocket and then fall again for no reason. I go back to all the papers I had to sign when I stared chemo... all these things were after effects. The heart murmur, the auto immune, the liver, ect.So I am waiting. Yet again. I would really like to get the thyroid thing resolved so I could have some energy and maybe take the weight I have put on the last month off. Yesterday I just could not stay awake no matter how hard I tried. I was falling a sleep on my feet. I just feel as if I am a pin cushion and lost in limbo somewhere. But I do have confidence in my Rheumatologist. He won't let this go unresolved for long.

I also have Johnny and the boys and that is a huge plus. They keep me going. I love them so much and could not possibly have made it through without them. The boys are growing so fast and understanding more and more. They have been dealing with all this for way to long now. I hope that in the end it will make them not only strong, but also compassionate men one day.As for growing up? Joshua stared Jr high last week. Poor baby missed his first day though due to a high fever. But he seems to like it a lot . Micah is in 4th grade and is still finding his way. But he is such a hoot! He would have you in tears from laughing so much if given the opportunity.

I can tell you that next month, at the end of the month I will celebrate 2 years of remission. Not something I take for granted but something I stand in awe of. I am living proof that in spite of the breast cancer beast, life goes on and is every bit as wonderful!

I love all of you!



  1. I think we all KNEW you were unique already
    ;-) ~ Mary

  2. Christina,

    Please get into touch with me...My name is Stacy and I have been reading your blog, and I love it.  I need to chat with someone who feels much like I do, and I don't have that right now...

    You wrote about being a pinball...I wrote the same thing in my blog and was searching for a picture of a pinball and came upon your blog.

    You can reach me at stacy@fightpink.org.  Take a look at my blog...I was diagnosed on April 23, 2008 with DCIS.  Stage 0..but opted for a mastectomy because already had a lumpectomy in the same spot...  I had a dream that an angel told me that I had breast cancer, I listened and went to the doctor...and here I am...  http://faithbelieveandwisdom.blogspot.com/

    Please email me...I'm looking forward to talking with you!



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