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Monday, October 13, 2008

On Saying Goodbye...

As AOL begins to close down it's bloggs, my heart is heavy. I am saddened by this turn in events because I feel as if I am losing part of my family. A vital and truly the strongest part of who I am and have become. Without you my dear family in J Land, I would have given up writing and never come back to it. But with your love, encouragement, inspiration and gentle nudges I have found my true voice.

I love each and everyone of you. When I first starTed posting I truly never meant for anything I had to say to be public. By mistake my journal ended up public and thank God it did! Without that little mistake I would have never met Kim. In her strength, I found my own. I miss her everyday. But I know she is still with us as I feel her vitality and hunger for life burn inside my own heart everyday.

I am conflicted as what to do with my journal. I am still a bit torn and so I ask this of all of dear family here in J Land... Would it be easier to stay in touch with all of you if I move things over to Blogger? If so then I will do just that. The very thought of losing any of you breaks my heart.

On a last note I will say that you can keep up with me through email and through
www.fightpink.org . A great woman named Stacey has started this organization and I hope to continue to be involved with her by writing for this site time to time.

Take care my dear ones. I love you.


  1. I saved the addy to your MYSpace hon. As for moving to Blogger...that's really your choice. I would follow you anywhere. Of course I have your email and snail mail as well to keep in touch. I truly believe your story is one that world should hear. You've already started that process the the Pink.org and your MySpace page. The question is do you want to continue to share that story with even more people? Not so many will be willing to go the MySpace route to read. However with another journal they might. I've seen what you've done with your MySpace page. Blogger works in a very similiar light. You'd be able to make it your own even more than you ever could with the AOL journal. Again...in the end it's your choice dear friend. If you do decide to do another journal, give me a shout out, I have a couple people who would follow you. No matter what dear friend, I'm not going anywhere. I love you way too much to disappear. (Hugs)Indigo


  2. I'm so glad you're here and am looking forward to getting to know you!


  3. I came your way via Indigo, and have become a follower. Welcome to blogger and hope you will find a home here :o)

  4. Welcome Christina !!! The JLander Migrationers ::LOL:: welcome you to Blogger :) I look forward to following you here. Blessings* Teresa

  5. came here via Indigo - have clicked on follow me so I can continue to come back and visit - your courage and zest for life fills my heart - take care of you and thanks for sharing so much of you!!

  6. WELCOME young one! Cathy

  7. Welcome Christina...I've added myself as a follower so I will be checking in and looking forward to getting to know you better.

  8. Christina - I have been reading you for a while now, rarely commenting because quite honestly, I don't know what to say. Words seem so inadequate considering what you are going through. I admire your strength, spirit and resolve to beat this for your beautiful boys and family. Welcome to the blogger family!

  9. Hello dear, I look forward to getting to know you. I came through way of Indigo and her huge heart. This may not be Jland but we will recreate a lovely place filled with wonderful friends...love, Sandi

  10. Welcome fellow AOL refuge! LOL I found you via Indigo. She's a wonderful person and speaks (writes) highly of you.

    My mother is a rectal cancer Survivor. I saw the pain and anguish that she went through and the complications that she continues to suffer from.

    I wish you all the best and a long and healthy life.

    BTW...I love the title of your blog!

  11. Hi, Christina, and welcome to Blogger!
    I, too, came via Indigo. I will follow your blog and look forward to getting to know you!
    Have a great day!

  12. Welcome!

    Indigo pointed me this way ;)

    Nice to 'meet' you and I have added myself as a follower!

    Blogger is a good place to be!

    Millie :)

  13. im here via indigo,no words i say can come anywhere near what she has written. well,how about you rock girl. lovely to know you take care mort xx

  14. So happy you are here! You made Indigo's heart sing, so it is a happy day for all:) Thanks for joining me at MySpace:) Welcome aboard! I am not as well know here at Blogger:)
    Ann LRD

  15. I came by way of Indigo...a wonderful woman in her own right...and getting to you know you will be a pleasure...your blog is just beautiful...hugs!


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