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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recovery and Awards

Life has been crazy the last two days. I have not been up to my normal speed so I am sorry it has taken me this long to write this entry.

I just want to say I am humbled and blessed to be surrounded by so many dear and wonderful friends. I am still recovering from the IVIG on Tuesday. It was much rougher than I expected. My BP sky rocketed for one, then I developed a major headache, followed by fever, followed by throwing up. Finally the nurse knocked me out. That is really saying it lightly! I woke up close to 7 AM the next morning...15 hours later. No joke.

So I have been recovering the last couple of days. I am stilling running a low grade fever and I have eaten two meals since Tuesday, But I will say this in spite of it all: I can bend my fingers! Yes I said bend. I can almost make a fist. I am so excited. If this is just after one treatment, what will happen after two? Truth: I hate the process, but if the process will give me some of the pieces back of my life I feel have been taken, well, I am game. I look at it the same way I looked at chemo.

I hated every minute of it. It sucked to be plain honest. It was painful, terrible and devouring. But it saved my life. So the bottom line is this: I may not like all the turns I have to take. I may not like the meds, the treatments or even the doctors sometimes. But in the end if one of those options will give me just 5 more minutes with my children, I will swollen what ever poison handed to me.

Life is hard that way. I know. This new treatment scared my boys. They came home from school and I was laid out on my bed out cold, an IV running into my arm and the nurse would not let them come near me. They were terrified, scared, beyond fear. Last night both Joshua and Micah came to me, in tears. Micah asked if I was going to die. He said he was scared I was going to be taken from him. He slept in our bed glued to my side. Joshua, wiped his tears away hurriedly and asked if he needed to worry. What can you tell your babies at that point? I just held them, told them I loved them and that I have no plans to go anywhere, anytime soon.

Life... can be unbearable at times. But every minute you have with those who you love is beyond the burden we carry. How does the song go? " Life any always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride." Well, that is how I feel. A dear friend recently shared this with me: "But would you and I have had this chance to cross paths if it had not been so?" The answer is no. I would have never found such true friendship or such beautiful kindness as the kind I have found here in "J Land".You are each part of my family, part of who I am and who I am becoming. I love to read through your entries. They make me laugh, think, cry and hope. Each one blesses me in their own special way, so I want to thank Sugar (Her link is attached to the award) and Michelle (her link is attached to her award) for the Marie Antoinette awards they have passed on to me.

I am going to do this a little different since I have received two awards. You will see below what I mean. Sugar out it best when she gave her award out when she mentioned that there are way too many blogs to give this award to. I wish I could pass it on to everyone.

7. Dreamlight at: http://butterflydreamer-dreamlight.blogspot.com/

14. Robin at: http://yellowbrickroadtwo.blogspot.com/

Here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your journal - Real People - Real Blogs.
2. Place a link from the person, from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 if you can.
4. Put the links of those on your journal.
5. Leave a message on their journal to let them know.
6. Put the award on your sidebar/journal.

Please be sure to congratulate everyone and spend some time reading these blogs. I have chosen these because of their humor, truth in their journeys and insight into life. they may be simple or complex but they all have something to offer us. Every blog I follow I enjoy and come back time and time again. So please don't feel left out! I know many have already received this award so I chose to pass this on to those who had not had the honor yet.


My love to all.



  1. Dear, dear girl, I sure haven't done anything to deserve an award- You on the other hand should have them plastered all over your journal, your walls and those nasty but life saving machines! Thank you- it will take me time to figure out the directions, but then that's the way of me! Keep up the spirited approach to this latest curve- Love and Humor to you, for you, and with you, Always~ Dannelle

  2. Christina,
    I'm so honored, especially coming from you. I don't feel worthy of such an honor though. My little blog is just tales of the ups & downs of everyday life. Your's on the other hand is filled with such strength, love & courage. I'm sitting here in tears because I feel so humbled to be nominated by you. My heart breaks for all that you & your family have went through & are continuing to go through. You are a very special lady, I will display my award with honor on my blog because it's from you. God Bless You & Your Family!

    Thank You!!!

  3. Ill tell ya I damn near cried when I read about your children.
    May god grant you a life time with them.

  4. Hi I saw you started to follow my blog so I came over to say hi.
    We are both breast cancer warriors!
    I am also trip neg. and it looks like we had the same treatment plan. I am going to go and read through your blog now.
    Take care and stay strong.

  5. glad you liked the award, you sooo much deserve it!
    got you in my prayers.
    huggies & God bless...

  6. Wow, I am truly honored that you gave me this award. Thanks so very much!!! I am sorry that you have to go through all of this, but you are right, if it gets you even 5 more minutes with your kids it is worth it to go through all of this hell... You are in my thoughts and prayers...

  7. I am at lost for words, but in much gratitude and humbleness for the reward. Thank you is not enough. you are an inspiration to me. and btw, i absolutely LOVE all the music you put on here. it is more than a reflection of your Spirit. Bless you my friend! i'm so happy there's still Hope in your world. give hugz to your kids for me too. sending much love & HUGZ~kbear

  8. thank you for the award! (Now I just have to figure out how to put it in my blog!) My blog is only the trials of my life with breast cancer and frankly I often think I bore people to death as it never seems to be very exciting.

  9. Thanks for the nomination.

    Reading about your babies ... made me cry for them. How can they comprehend what is going on, when I would have trouble dealing with such things as an adult?

    "But would you and I have had this chance to cross paths if it had not been so?"

    That was a deep line. It is agonizinly true, and who is to question the wisdom of having to travel the roads we go down? Makes me think of the 'Footprints' story, and these friends that come into our lives are 'carrying us' when there is only one set of footpints and we wonder how we got 'here'.

    Take care and be as strong as you can be.

  10. please know girlfriend - you are always in my thoughts and prayers - your strength and courage just pour through your entries - take care of you and know that you are so loved!!!

  11. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for bestowing the honor on me. Hugs.

  12. Here's to being real! Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I am honored to accept this award knowing that I share it with many! Take care and I shall return for a visit to catch up! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my friend,


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