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Monday, November 17, 2008

Life On the Merry-Go-Round

Well.... OK I am stumped. Not really sure where to begin, what to say or even really what to do with myself actually. Never a dull moment... that's me! I sometimes feel as if I have been living my life on a merry -go- round. You know the one on the playground we used to spin on as kids? Round and round we would go...

One minute we were perfectly still, ready for the twisting mayhem to begin. Then we were off and spinning out of control. Remember how we would laugh and scream and laugh some more? Remember how much fun it was? So where has all my sense of adventure gone?

As a little girl I had a real sense of imagination. I would build forts, fight off the enemy then have tea with the Queen. I would be a princess, a cowgirl and wonder woman all in one day. Today I would love to liken myself to a female Indiana Jones. You know? Dodging the bullet, swinging across the cliffs out running breast cancer and her consorts.

With that image in my mind today, I must reach as far back as possible. I need to call on my old friend, adventure. It's time to dust off my hat, pull my jacket back on and crack the whip! Fear... I do not know his name! This afternoon I need to do more than imagine a quick escape... whatever traps lay a head of me I must overcome.

That said, today I start my IVIG treatment. I am a bit nervous as I don't really know what to expect. I do know this is an infusion and it will last 4 hours. A nurse is coming out to the house to administer the treatment. She will monitor my blood pressure every 30 minutes. I will do this dance once a week for an indefinite amount of time. Cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, lymphedema they all seem to keep handing me off from one to the other. At times I feel as if I go from the tango to the pasa doble to the rumba.

Tiring isn't it? But trudge on I will. After all, I am a princess, a cowgirl, wonder woman, and Indiana, right? I can dance and I can sit with the Queen. I can defend the fort and capture the villains. I can out run a boulder and dance like a pro. Maybe it is time to get back on that merry-go-round. Adventure? Sure why not? Maybe a good dose of adventure is exactly what I need? Ready? Set. Cross your fingers. OK, let's go!!!


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  1. My fingers are crossed for you and I'm praying too!!!

    Hang in there Christina! I'm rooting for you!!!



  2. Go Wonder Woman! I will be praying for you. Hugs

  3. You're in my special thoughts always dear, know I care. Bless You.

  4. Yeah Indiana, get that whip out! you're in my prayers. HUGZ~kbear

  5. Crossing my fingers!

    Always in my prayers


  6. I got your email about the IVIG treatment hon. I've been keeping you in my prayers from the moment I met you, I will up the ante now. I've always thought you had an adventuresome spirit dear one. I truly need to get a letter in the mail to you some time this week. You my dearest, sweetest friend have been on my mind alot these days. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. go by my journal to check out your award. ;)

  8. I have passed out a blog award to you! Check out my blog to get the details and pick
    up your award!!!!!!


  9. One more hill you must climb, but you'll do it, cause that's who you are!

    Keeping you in my prayers.

  10. You are always in my prayers Christina.
    May God bless you and your lovely family.
    You are the best!
    Jeanie xxx

  11. Wishing you peace and comfort during this trying time of times.


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