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In a nut shell : I'm a wife, a full time working mom, a teacher, a Star Wars geek, comic book nerd, Disney enthusiast, hockey Mom, a decade long breast cancer survivor, and oh let's not forget such a happy, sassy, southern mess!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Cancer. It all starts with just one simple and yet very terrifying word. The words that follow are just as terrifying... pain, death, chemo, change, courage, survival and hope. We change, we grow and we fight. We become champions, warriors, legacies. We leave behind a part of ourselves, and we take up a cause. We fall, we get back up and we fall again. Cancer, it can't be happening to me, to us, but it is.

Why? How do I make things right again? Will I live? Will I die? Will I see my children grow to be men? Please God, don't take them from me, I want to hold my boys, kiss their cheeks every night , see my boys graduate high school and find love. I don't want to leave them behind so soon God!

Cancer. It is a four letter word stretched into six. A knock down hit you between the eyes kind of word. Cancer catches you unexpectedly. Cancer grabs hold of you and tries with all it's might to strangle the life out of you. Even though in the end cancer may take your life, it can not take you down!

CANCER changes, hurts, crushes and then pushes you back up on your feet again. I know, my day came on January 26, 2006. I found myself staring breast cancer right in the eyes. I changed forever. I found my life was not as indestructible as I was thought. I was vulnerable, small and suddenly at risk. But then you stand up, get your baring's again, and decide to fight the beast back. Now I am living proof, in remission 2 years after aggressive chemo that there is life in spite of cancer. I spend my life living in my own Kodak moments. I don't take for granted the small things and I cherish every breath I am given. I now know that I am living on borrowed time and I am thankful for each day I have to share with my children, with my husband and with my parents. I will not live afraid of the unknown anymore! I will live in spite of what I do know and I will live even though I have to share my body with this beast!

So what would you do? What will you do? How will you fight the beast if and when the beast comes your way? Will you be afraid? Yes, but I will b
e there for you. I have already traveled this road, so I can help navigate the detour ahead of you. Cancer is a beast, but not impossible to beat! We will do it, one day our children will not have to feel cancer's sting. One day, cancer will just be history to our grandchildren! But until that day comes, I will walk with you, accompany you down this road for I am still making this journey myself. When we walk this path together, we do not walk alone. I am a survivor and I will be there to help you stand up and fight back when your day comes!