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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Screaming Tea Cups!

The sun rose today, and I am glad of it. Feeling the warmth of the sun I am reminded some things never change. We are in Gods' hands. So with that said, I am off the roller coaster ride and as my dear friend Morgen says, into the tea cups. You know the ones where you spin around crazily until you pass out? Maybe even get a bit queasy?Yep, those are the ones! With one exception, these tea cups, aren't the Disney version. Nope these cups are the kind to keep spinning and spinning with no end in sight. Cancer is no ones friend, so any new twists and turns on this ride should not come as a major surprise.

So I have exited the Boobie Cyclone Coaster and I am now spinning around, like a lunatic, screaming. My eyes are ready to pop out as I see the next spin coming my way. I definitely don't want to end up under the tea pot spilling out hot tea!My hands are covering my mouth, my eyes and trying to hold on for dear life all at the same time. So to answer your question, no my hands are not on the wheel as I am not spinning myself. Truth be told here the beast has joined me for yet another crazy day at Boobie Land. She is laughing, of course, enjoying herself, smiling, cheering me on, clapping as I bounce from one side of the ride to the other. What fun we are all having. Shes' even got a balloon and pink cotton candy waiting for me! (As if I could eat anything after this toss about!) Can't you just see it?

Things aren't as happy go lucky here in Boobie Land as we all would like to think huh? Life is not predictable nor is it guaranteed. So I am back to the waiting and probing. I am not in shock or denial this time. No, I am ready for the beast this time around. She may be lurking ready to lock me in here at her cancer wonderland, but I am prepared this time around to fight back. I have a plan, I am ready to deal with her mean natured offspring. I will not be in this spinning cup forever!

If you have not guessed by now I have news. My cancer is not back, it is simply toying with me yet again. My MRI seemed fine not showing a tear or rupture in my implant. But my oncologist did notice I do have a mass. She did measure and document the thing. I did not ask how big because I did not want to have anything more to ponder. After all how much thinking can you do while spinning in a tea cup? So I will be scheduled for the following:

  • Mamo of the right breast.

  • Ultrasound of both the left and right breast.

  • Blood work (markers). This is just part of my normal routine.

  • Surgical breast biopsy of the left breast.

  • Biopsy of yet another mass on my skull( they just keep coming back).

  • See a new breast surgeon to discuss removing implant.

  • X-ray of my rib (right side) because of the recent pain I have been having in the area.

Nothing big, just nerve racking. It will be a few weeks for all this to resolve itself, and still all may be well. It is just a lot to process and get done. God has not abandoned me. I am in good hands. I just need to hold on a bit tighter for the next month!



  1. bless you my dear sister in arms, have you in my thoughts & prayers. hoping all the tests come out ok.

  2. Know that you have my positive thoughts and strongest prayers going up knowing that this ride will end in victory. Your in the arms of the great healer. May your days ahead be filled with nothing but the positive. Hugs to you and yours always,

  3. Continueing my prayers for you dear.Know you are in my thoughts and stay positive.You are one strong brave lady.I am proud of you.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  4. Christina, you're in my special thoughts and prayers, keep that strong spirit of yours. Will be keeping my good thoughts for your test results. Hope you feel the hug I'm sending your way. I care.

  5. Oh Christina,
    I'm so sorry! I will continue to keep you in my thoughts & prayers; as well as your family. Please keep us posted....


  6. If you need a freind to hold on to in the tea cups, just shout out and I'm sure many of us will be there for you!!

  7. Especially brave and funny people certainly get alot asked of them. What can't you do?

  8. Oh Christina,

    I'm sorry you have to go through more tests -- You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!!!

    Love and hugs!


  9. Embracing you in a warm gentle hug. I'm here sweet friend. I was away for awhile due to computer problems. I'm so sorry your caught up in this whirlwind once again. I wish I could hide you safe in a cocoon, until Cancer abides adieu. You have so much strength and spirit dear one. This too shall pass, I have no doubt. In the meantime you remain in my thoughts, in my prayers on the smoke. Your my inspiration on the bleakest days. I can't tell you how often I think of you, wondering if today is a good day. Hug those sweet boys close, their courageous spirits lend you their strength. Some day we will get a chance to meet face to face and I will tell you, you are loved! (Hugs)Indigo

  10. Blessings! may you capture every drop of love during these times so as to carry you through far richer and wiser as time unfolds. you're in my thoughts and prayers. your courage will get you thru...HUGZ~kbear

  11. I can't take those dang cups they make me wanna throw up. Glad to hear the good news.


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