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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Put Your Shoes On and Let's Go Dancing!

Are you sitting down, again that is?
Well then get up on your feet, and stay put. We can all go dancing in the streets! I mean it this time! Whew Wee! I am dressed up and ready to go.

My results show nothing to worry about. Both of them. No cancer, no surgery, no chemo, just follow ups. I can live with that for sure.

Now, I do not know what she wants to do as follow ups or as far as watching what is there. I will find that out next week. I see her on March 6Th. I will have a better idea of how she plans to keep on eye on things then, but I am sure all will continue to be well. I am still in remission. I totally feel like celebrating! I have no other way to explain how I truly feel except to say I feel like a new woman.

So let's break out the champagne, turn up the music, start celebrating and dance on top of the tables this time!

Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement and support. I couldn't have made it through this long without them!



  1. here's hoping the news is grand! I am dancin' with you sister!!

  2. girl, i'm dancing with ya!!!!!!!!
    woo hoo! hope the other news is good too, keep us posted. ;)
    still praying.

  3. here's to hoping you can get on those table tops soon.. at least the good news you did get gave you some hope.. I can hear the laughter in your words.. I will still keep you in my thoughts and prayers.. hang in there.. and keep on keeping the faith..

  4. That's wonderful & I'm still Praying! Our God can do ANYTHING!!!!

  5. that's AWESOME news! i'll be anxiously waiting further for the rest of the GOOD news! Dance girlfriend!~hugz.kbear

  6. Here's hoping you'll get more wonderful dancing news to get up on that table and give it your all. My thoughts and prayers are with you for that.

  7. I am so happy for you!!

    I'm dancing tooo!!

    Sorry you have to still wait for more news -keep dancing!!!

    Praying for you!!!



  8. I have just done the happy dance,I am delighted to read this news today.Prayers the next news is just as good.My dance shoes are ready and waiting.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  9. I'm there for sure, dancing on the ceiling and so happy you're happy! Optimism isn't it amazing?


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