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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Come Stand Under My Umbrella

As we bring this month to a close I just want to share some of my thoughts with you. First I am both humbled and inspired by each one of your stories. This month was not about me, or my own story instead it was about sharing, caring and yes, inspiring others with your individual journeys. I hope to bring more stories of inspiration to you from time to time through out the rest of the year in a continued spirit of sharing and caring.

I sit here right now looking back through the many stories we have shared this month. I see the common threads binding us and weaving us together as a community of survivors. Our stories have each been different and yes we have taken different paths and diverse journeys. But the one thing binding us is our compassion and our desire to share our own trials in order to reach out to all those following behind us.

Each one of us has felt the sting of pain, had fear grip our hearts, stepped into the darkness. Still we have kept moving toward the sun, into the light. Grace has lead us, touched us building our souls into strong towers. Even life has been hard turning our backs on our faith has not been an option. In spite of our difficulties we have embraced joy and taken refuge in the grace our suffering has brought each one of us.

We are survivors, each and every one of us. We stand together, under this wide umbrella resting our weary spirits for just a bit. We are each covered by invisible hands even while the rain falls. We stand ,together, sometimes even sitting under this umbrella hand and hand.

We are not alone in this fight. We come here, gathering under this umbrella holding each other up. There may come days when the rain will seem to never stop, slamming hard against the top of this big umbrella. We may become weary, distraught and sick but under this covering we have hope and camaraderie even when we feel broken and frail.

We understand each day is a gift and so we grab hold and run with it. We kiss our babies, hold them close and let our loved ones know how deeply we love them. We don't allow a moment to pass without embracing the beauty of it's tenderness. Our hearts sing releasing all our fears, and chains. Our hopes lay in the precious mercy carrying us toward grace every step of this journey. We may be walking blindly, but hope sees clearly and guides us. Grace falls softly, embracing each and every one of us, all we need to do is believe.

Fear may come and yes it may try to strangle us. We may fall, bruising our knees upon the rocks below us and we may cry out in the darkness for help. Look up, and grab hold of the hand reaching down to you. None of us walk this path alone, no, we walk together. Life may hit us hard, pain may knock at our door, but there is always hope and strength knowing we are all in this together. We are surrounded by love, embraced by the light of our souls. There is no call we would not answer.

We are steady in heart in spite of the approaching enemy . We have cried out, beat against our chests while receiving the mark of death. Our eyes have been open to the risks, we understand what is before us. Together we have chosen to live and to fight back against the beast. We leave no stone unturned and take the path less traveled while we press forward. Victory is within reach we need only to move across the battlefield together. Our souls have been targeted by the beast, but we are strong, awakened by the desire to overcome.

Let the rain come, let the winds blow ... our strength comes in our numbers. We can fight this beast, even with her many diverse names and far reaching claws. Let the pain go and cease this moment. Take up your armor and your sword let us gather together, drawing our strength from one another. Let nothing stand in our way for the time is coming for us to charge the battlefield.

So drop the rain coat, and step under this big umbrella. Let the rain fall and draw your strength in the hope we all carry. We are always here, holding onto the handle of this mighty umbrella. Let the rain pour and just for a while take refuge here with us before charging back onto the battlefield my friend. Miracles do happen... they just may come in the form of an umbrella.



  1. That was beautifully written ...

  2. Awww Christina,
    That was so beautiful & heart felt.

  3. christina, my dear friend & sister in arms. you always write & express your words so beautifully.
    i wanted to ty for letting me be a tiny part of this months survivor stories.
    God bless you, & ALL those that have posted this month.

  4. Christina, thanks for all the posts. My wife and I have enjoyed reading them.

  5. Christina,
    this was so beautiful and so heartfelt...thank you for letting us share our stories on your blog.... you have such a beautiful heart..I followed your blog even when my sister was alive..not always commenting.. you remind me so much of her and your determination to thrive.. I hope you continue your journey into recovery..your words and your caring ways have been a huge comfort to me.. It's people like yourelf that make this world a better place...thank you!!!

  6. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your blog and your life. I have truly met an angel when I met you and I can't thank you enough for all that you have brought into my life since I have known you. You are an amazing, beautiful, inspiring soul and I am truly blessed to know you! ((hugs)) Stacy


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