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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Month of Caring and Sharing

I have decided to do something different this month. For almost two years I have been given the opportunity to share my life, experiences, worries, hope and determination. I have been truly blessed beyond words to have been allowed these opportunities.

With each entry I have poured my heart out, opened my life to so many of you out there and been blessed to have the chance to know you. We have all had our own roads to walk have we not? Life has been wonderful, harsh, trying and inspiring. I have read through so many of your blogs and found reasons to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep moving forward more times than I can count.

So this month, I am sharing my blog with many who wouldn't normally do so. I am calling it " A Month of Caring and Sharing". I am opening it up to many who have shared their lives with me, many who live near me and family who have endeared their own challenges in life, yet have come up swinging, fighting. Some are old friends, college friends, family, new friends, childhood buddies...family but all our beautiful souls. My thought here is to allow these wonderful people to share their own experiences. Yes they are very diverse, but it is those diversities that allow us to grow, understand and to open ourselves to the world around us.

As the month goes by I will offer new entries from these many beautifully diverse people. I know you will open your hearts to them, because I know each of you have done the same for me. Through their experiences and the journeys they themselves have set out upon, we can all benefit. Our hearts will be touched, our souls stirred and hopefully along the way we will find a bit of ourselves in there too. After all we are a community are we not? We share and care everyday here, in our blog do we not ?

We all have stories to tell, to share. The roads are not all the same, nor are the outcomes, but they all connect us. each person, each story winds down and has to endure the wintry roads of our lives. These are their stories...your stories...



  1. Christina,
    You are a gift from God.. he sent you here for a reason.. you yourself have inspired so many.. He most definitely is smiling down on you from above.. I know I have said this before.. but you do have a beautiful heart and soul...

  2. I'm looking forward to the entries. what a great way to understand your journey than through the eyes of others as well. great idea! hugz~kbear

  3. That sounds like a wonderful idea Christina. I'm looking forward to the entries. I hope you are doing well.

    Hugs my friend!

  4. Christina, what a lovely way of sharing. I have just caught up with all the stories posted so far (3/6) and they are all so very moving. :) Hugs,


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