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Monday, March 23, 2009

Stephanie's List

  • 1. Don’t stop talking to God – even if it means standing in the middle of a field screaming at him. Better to scream at Him than ignore Him.

  • 2. Don’t forget that He will always hear you – He hears you just as well when you’re on your knees, barely able to whisper His name through the tears as when you are in the field screaming at Him.

  • 3. Don’t forget God’s promises are true. He will never fail, even when we are going through a valley and can’t see the light at the end, or when we do see a light but it turns out to be a freight train.

  • 4. Don’t forget that some of God’s promises are conditional – if you don’t do your part, He’s not obligated to do His.

  • 5. Hang onto your true friends – you’ll know who they are. They are the ones who still want to be around you when you’re in your darkest hour. They are the ones that don’t seem to disappear when life gets rough – in fact, they start appearing more than usual.

  • 6. Don’t forget that your true friends are human – they have limits and make mistakes. You shouldn’t be looking to them to fill all your needs – God may use them to meet some needs, but don’t become dependent on them for that.

  • 7. Don’t forget who meets your needs – God. God can use people, circumstances, supernatural events, or even "coincidences" to meet your needs. Your focus should stay on Him no matter what method He chooses to meet your needs.

  • 8. Don’t forget your place. You are a minute speck in the universe, infinitesimally small in comparison to the vastness of creation. You are a tiny little dot, one of 6 billion tiny little dots scurrying about our short little lives on a tiny planet in the middle of an incredibly huge universe.

  • 9. Don’t forget your place. You are loved and known by the God who created this incredibly huge universe. You are not just a number, one of 6 billion on this tiny planet, you are important enough that if you were the only person on earth, God would still have sent Jesus to die for you. God knows you so well that every cell in your body, every hair on your head, is accounted for.

  • 10. Don’t forget that no matter how much you are suffering, there is One that has suffered more than you. Your suffering is like a walk in the park compared to His. And while that may not make you feel better, remember that He understands how you feel, and wants to help you on your journey. And His grace and mercy can and will bring you through.

--- Stephanie

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  1. 10 great ways to live your life.. thanks for sharing something as beautiful as this..


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