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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sugar's Story

I was surprised to get an email from Christina, telling me she was doing a month of inspirational posts on her blog, & asking me to do a post. I'm honored to do so. TY my dear Sister In Arms, for allowing me to briefly tell my story.

Sugar's Cancer Story;

I have always been a survivor, a fighter! I have God on my side, so I live with an angel by my side. ;)
Many of you already know me, that I am home bound, use a walker or wheelchair, have multiple chronic health ailments. One being what is called the most painful disorder on earth (Trigeminal Neuralgia), thankfully it's in remission at this time.

That I have been a nurse, a minister, a missionary, worked with the homeless, was a foster Mom for years to abused & neglected children, cared for my Mom for 10 yrs as she was a Cancer patient & had Alzheimer's. That I lost my first husband during our "honeymoon", survived domestic abuse by my 2nd. Had one baby still born, lost a son in 2004 to suicide. My only Dtr, was mentally challenged, she disappeared at the age of 15, reappeared 18 yrs later with HIV & Hepatitis.

I could go on & on (as many say I've had a "colorful past")...but this post is in regard to my being a Cancer survivor. If you want to read more about me, you'll need to visit my archives on my main journal. Lots of stuff there, just click on "oldest posts" at bottom of pg, & get ready to read. ;)

In mid Jan 2007, I noticed when I went to the bathroom, there was a slight smear of blood on my TP when I wiped after urination. I went to see my family Dr. She said I had a UTI, & started me on antibiotics. By mid Feb, I was still seeing a slight pinkish (blood) tinge after wiping. So, I felt something more serious was wrong.

Back to the Dr I went. She stated I still had a urinary infec, & changed the antibiotics to a stronger one. I asked her, could the blood be coming from my vagina instead of my urethra? She stated no, that I was only seeing the blood after urination, so it was definitely a UTI.

By mid March, the same symptoms were there, I knew it was not a urinary infection. Having a strong family history of Cancer (losing both parents to it), I had that in the back of my mind. This time when I went to see the Dr, I insisted she check my vagina, sure enough there was blood on the swab she inserted. So, she arranged for an ultra sound of the uterus that evening. I had it done, the Radiologist said my uterus showed a thickening which could indicate cancer or pre cancerous cells. It was on a Fri, I asked them to send a copy to my Gyn, also. When I got home, I immediately called the nurse at my Gyn's office, told her all that was happening. She arranged an appt for me Mon morning. There I had my pap smear, & the Gyn said she was doing a biopsy too, as she felt it was cancer of the uterus. She went ahead & explained everything to me, was very kind & gentle but also very straight forward. I went home, told my Son (whom I live with). And waited!

The following week I had an appt to go in & find out my results & what we would do next. When I got there, she sat across from me & told me I had Uterine Cancer ST 2, she also explained that a complete hysterectomy with removal of uterus, ovaries, tubes, & cervix was needed. With a possibility of the lymph nodes too. That I may or may not need chemo & radiation, that would depend on where the Cancer was located in my uterus. I wanted her to do the surgery as soon as possible, get it out! She arranged surg for the next week, & also had an Oncologist to be present in case the lymph nodes needed removal.

I had my surgery, came home on the 3rd day. Was told I'd need paps every 6 mos for 2 yrs, then checked yearly. That no further treatment would be needed at this time, & lymph nodes were not removed because my cancer was high enough in the uterus, that the Oncologist did not feel the cancer cells had escaped.

I went home to be with my beloved dogs, & my Internet buddies. Those who know me, know I have no family support & no friends.

I praise God every day, that I'm still here, that He has blessed me with more time, however much it might be. I realize, that He is in control, & when He calls me home, I'll be ready to go. I'm a survivor, in sooo many ways. But mostly, because I never give up! That I smile & try not to dwell on the bad things, I take my worries to God & leave them with Him. There is so much pain, & grief in the world, that I pray for those that suffer, esp the children. I'm but a pin point, only one of many! I'm here, a strong Warrior in the fight against the deadly disease of Cancer.

This March 29, 2009 marks 2 years of my being a Cancer Survivor.

I leave you with this words...if you feel something is wrong, it probably is...get checked out, don't wait...if after you see your Dr, you feel something is still not right, go to another Dr. Time is of the essence, in having a good outcome to this disease. We need to listen to that "little voice" within.

Hope you visit my Journal, go to my Archives & read about my life.

God bless...

Rev. "Sister Sugar" Lewis

Sometimes when least expected
Disappointment & Tragedy comes our way.
There is no special timing
It can happen on any day.
Tears and sorrow it may bring
Brokenhearted we may be.
That's when hearts need courage
To face the things we see.
We lose hope and feel alone
Our world is completely shattered.
We feel we've lost the only thing
To us that really mattered.
If this happens to YOU my friend
Put your trust in our Father above.
Place the pain & heartache in His hands
He'll replace it with His love.
You'll find a reason to carry on
As time unfolds each day.
Because you're in His loving arms
He'll be with you all the way.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us dear friend. I knew you were a Cancer survivor, I don't believe I ever knew the whole story. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Tri Neuralgia I'd not heard of until I ran a neuro practice. That in itself is something so difficult to deal with.

    I'd heard some of your story in the past, but did not know it in full. You certainly are a survivor.

  3. Sugar,
    you certainly are a survivor.. a survivor of life.. what you have been dealt with along your path is just unbelievable.. you are a very strong and courageous woman...I really am at a loss for words.. but this I can say.. your perserverance through your many, many set backs is amazing.. youare an amazing person.. I wish you the best..

  4. Thank you for redirecting me to the link...I finally saw it..and thank you for sharing your amazing story...hugs and love my friend...

  5. I knew you were a suvivor Sugar and you are one special person too.You know how much I love you.Thankyou for telling the whole of your story.Christina chose a very special and inspirational person to do this post.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  6. Thanks for the entry Sugar. Yes, God is in control. He knows the day, hour, and minute that we will go home. Keeping you in my prayers, Janie

  7. Touching entry, Sugar. We're all thankful that our Heavenly Father has watched over you thru all the rough times of your life. And that you had the gumption to keep going back to your doctor when you felt something was wrong. I just feel blessed that we live in this day & age where we have doctors to go to. Imagine if we were living back in the 1800's. Thanks for sharing your story and the testimony of your Christian belief. Romans 8:28 Hugs, Linda in WA

  8. I thought your story of surviving cancer a strong testimony of what it takes to insist on exploration of the possibility when you feel something is wrong. Your survival testifies to the toughness of the human being who is determined to respect the gift of life through hard times. Even though you may be isolated in your dwelling place, you have found a window to the world, and many know you and are encouraged by your perseverance. Thanks to the courageous cancer survivor Christina who asked you to write your story. Gerry

  9. God Bless you Sugar!

    Hugs, Rose

  10. Glad you shared your story, Sugar. What a testament to your faith in God and the challenges you have faced and are facing each day. God Bless you!

  11. Your faith sure has been put to the test.
    You are a strong survivor.
    You are important to us online friends.
    You are a good friend to us all,
    Love n Hugs

  12. You really are a survivor.
    Thank you for sharing your story. Hugs, Maria

  13. You sure are a SURVIVOR. In more ways than one. I was there thru all you posts on the Cancer, but it was a good reminder to read it again. Stay well! Marlene


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