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Monday, April 27, 2009

From the Front Porch Looking In

Today Johnny and I celebrate 13 years together. On this very day thirteen years ago we stood hand and hand vowing our love to one another no matter how the world would turn in the years ahead of us. I was young, but I knew no matter what storms would come, Johnny loved me and I him. We were complete opposites, yet we were hand picked for one another. In Johnny I found myself and in turn we found a whole new life before us, together...

So today, April 27, 2009, I celebrate the mark of many passing years with my husband. Has each one of them been easy? No, many have been hard and long, but each one have been met together.Many seasons have come and gone since we spoke our vows that beautiful evening spring sky. Even many more lessons have been taught as we have faced the miles both ahead of us and behind us.Tear's and triumphs have come our way but in each one we have been side by side, together through the good and the bad.

We have welcomed two beautiful baby boys and found love beyond measure in the raising of their precious lives. I have watched Johnny's hair gray and he has been witness to the lines across my own face, yet our love has grown even deeper. Cancer has made her mark upon our lives and true to our vows in sickness and in health, Johnny has taken my hand in his and walked this path without flinching. Through the loss of my breast and even my hair, Johnny has loved me unconditionally.

Life has been hard, finances have been troubling, and my health has been trying at the best of times. Yes, time has changed us. We do not resemble the same people we once were, physically or emotionally. Honestly there are moments when we do not recognize each other but the love we share together always breaks through. How could it not? Love is not merely physical nor is it merely emotional. No love is greater, stronger than any of those things. Love is unconditional, a merging of souls and a blending of spirits. Johnny and I are completely different people each to ourselves, yet together we are a merging cultures and lives blended into one.

Right here, right now, on this path, at this bend in the road we are hand and hand. We can not see what lays ahead of us. The world will again turn and the roads will change. Tears will come and go as the road ahead may be rough and the journey may be long, but together is the key to surviving the nights ahead of us.

We stand here now looking back from where we have come, and looking ahead to where we will one day be. The roads are winding yes, but still so exciting as we take the next step in our life together. True we do not know when our last mile will emerge along life's journey but I do know this: We never have to say goodbye because the blessings our marriage have brought us are deeper than we could have ever imagined.

What does it say about the view from the front porch looking in?



  1. Happy Anniversary! :)May the two of you have more happy years ahead. God Bless.

  2. from the front porch looking in i see love, life and happiness. happy anniversary and many more to come. what a blessing it is to be able to be apart of your anniversary in this little cyber world we visit from time to time. thanks for allowing us in and thanks for all your experience, strength and hope that you share with us.

  3. Happy Anniversary Christina & Johnny! I wish you many, many, many more.

  4. Christina,
    I hope you don't mind....I snagged your front porch picture for my header. If you do, please let me know & I'll change it.


  5. Happy Anniversary! i know you will have many many many more. have a blessed day, today, tomorrow, always. hugz~kbear

  6. Christina, Thanks for your very reflective meditation on relationships and how they shift and change with illness being a major but not singular factor. I just added you to my Cancer Blogs Links Page. Take care, Dennis beingcancer.net


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