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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bucket List

Have you ever stopped to notice we tend to dance around death with catch phrases and buzz words? You know what I am talking about, our “Bucket List” or the way we throw around the words, “Kicked the bucket”.

For most of us death is something we fear, an unknown fate just waiting to catch up with us eventually. We worry about the how and when and we even try and outwit death as if she can’t kick our bucket when she darn well pleases!

I guess I am late to the game of lists. I have never seriously sat down and made a Bucket List. I should have been one of the first to submit mine I guess, but I just never seemed to have time. I know sounds crazy right? Of all people I should have a death list, I mean Bucket List! But you know what I have been preoccupied with living my life, making memories in the everyday moments I have not stopped to think about what I haven’t been able to accomplish yet! For one, I am just too busy to die, at least right now anyway. I have too much cleaning and cooking to do, homework to oversee, weeds to pull and children to raise to add anything more on my to do list.

You see, Death and I have come to an agreement of sorts I suppose. No, she has not stopped to put down her sickle just yet, but she has been wearing a pink robe just for me lately. Death still advances every once in awhile, preying on my fears, eating away at my hope, but most days we coincide together: I know her day will come but she knows today is not her day!

If I had to pen a Top 10 List, a Bucket List of sorts I think it would go something like this:

1. Survive today

2. Kiss my children good night

3. Say I love you one more time

4. Laugh till I cry

5. Share a meal with my family

6. Smile a minute longer

7. Inspire others to believe

8. Cultivate Hope

9. Bless someone else

10. Embrace today.

I suppose one day I will stop and make a real Bucket List, filled with places I would love to see one day. I am sure Disneyland Paris, the Grand Canyon and Ireland will fill in a few of those spots as well as being published and going to an Areosmith concert might too. But the truth, the real honest to God truth are these things have no real value in how I kick the bucket, how I leave my earthly body behind or even how I enter eternity on the other side of the River of Life.

In my life, in my day to day living and breathing, as I go through my day cooking and cleaning, loving and hugging my children, my husband and my parents I am truly living my Bucket List! Life is not about the places we go, the things we see or the titles we acquire, no life is about how I live our lives with compassion, understanding, and self sacrifice. How we leave those we love behind, how much we love them and how we greet death should each be a part of our List.

So my friend be encouraged, be of good cheer and put that pen down! Don’t worry about the length of your life,,, don’t measure your accomplishments by some numbered list tucked away in a secret drawer somewhere. Live today, love today and embrace today. I for one plan to keep dancing the tango with Death until her day actually does come. My real Bucket List includes the following: Watching my children graduate from high school; being the mother of the grooms; becoming a grandmother and even celebrating my Golden anniversary still holding Johnny’s hand.

And you know where I am going to do all this from? Right here from the perch I am sitting on now… And by the way, my bucket is definitely PINK!

~ Christina

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  1. you have a beautiful list, live today that is something worth doing now isn't it?


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