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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Crossroads of Life

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How many times have you thought to yourself as someone asked how you were doing, “It’s a crazy life, if you only knew?” Life under most circumstances is trying at best. As journey men or woman on this road moving forward, sometimes backwards and many times than I like to admit turning sideways we have to learn to adapt quickly. Our character really begins to define us during those sideway turns in life don’t they?

Perseverance is not necessarily an easy thing to hold on to, dodging life’s curve balls from every direction as challenge come at us from each side yet the truth is challenges are part of life, working through the downright discouraging, tough, and endless situations life brings our way.

What can we gain from these detours in life? Well, we can learn to care, to show kindness, love and charity not just from our wallets but from our hearts. I know this path I have walked from the time I was a child has not been an easy one. In fact at times it has been downright horrible, but it has never been meaningless. I have never, even when I have been certainly convinced of the fact, been alone! God has been with me every step of this journey through life, through the childhood illnesses, through the deep dark hours of my worst nightmares and yes even through the Big C.

I have been moving along, many times down those awkward detours life has brought my way, yet even with the sideways, and the byways, He has kept me moving straight ahead. I may not be perfect; I know I am not capable of sitting on anyone’s pedestal, mostly because I am very good at falling off of it. I am simply an imperfect woman, in an imperfect world, trying her best to live her life In spite of the challenges life throws her way.

Ultimately, I am a dreamer, filled with hope and inspiration, longing to rise above the fear of life’s whispering defeats. I can be very impulsive and, spontaneous in my life, the way I live it out loud, and some would seek to mussel my voice, but hope cannot be hushed. Yes she can be surly tied down, locked away and kept from the daylight but she cannot be extinguished. I am very aware the cost of hope can be almost too much; I myself have had to pay the beast her asking price by giving the Big C my breast in order to keep Hope alive in my life. But you know what? Honestly, the beast’s cost was not too high a price to pay in order to keep Hope burning in not just my life but also in the lives of those I love.

Life is about choices, some of us chose to love, to show compassion, to rise above our own imperfect lives, to rise to the challenge of this crazy life we live. Some choose to ambush, to blame those who cannot fit into a perfect mold, a vision of life which is honestly imperfect in its conception of perfection. But the bottom line is this friend: your life is about where you are headed, you alone, the detour God has chosen to guide and direct you towards. Sometimes the journey there can be disheartening, or we can take an alternate path on our way there, one which was not on our road map or on someone else map they charted for us, but you know what? It’s ok. You will get there, you will make your final stopping point when God was decided it is so, not when cancer or anyone else says it is so!

Take heart my friends, you are precious, and your journey is still before you. Our paths will cross, we will embrace for a short while and then we will each return to the crossroads of our own lives again. I tell you this today, I will not leave this world without hope, I will cherish each moment, each trail and each joy I have been given the opportunity to experience. Even if another curve ball is thrown my way, hope will indeed hit it out of the park and place me back on those wonderful crossroads of life just waiting for my feet to step back out onto again!

~ Christina

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