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Monday, March 16, 2015


This past weekend we celebrated Micah, Johnny and my youngest child, all his quirks, likes, randomness and amazing abilities. After all it was his birthday weekend, his 16th to be exact. If we do one thing right around here, it's celebrating birthdays. Now don't get me wrong, birthdays don't always entail hoopla, a bunch of hullabaloo or grand parties, but they always include family, good friends and a good time. So when the topic of Micah's big one six came up, we knew we had to keep it low key and at the same time recognize everything that makes Micah unique, rare and beautifully divergent.

Believe me I'm as surprised by this as you are that my baby boy could be anything over 10. It's beyond my imagination to think Micah could actually be 16 years old or for that matter how I could be anywhere near old enough to say my son is of driving age. But he is. Micah is a joy, he's sharp, witty, honest, loving, logical and of course debonair and handsome if I do say so myself. From the moment he was born Micah has had his own way of wrapping me around his fingers. He can be difficult, and at the same time Micah will absolutely put a smile on my face. To tell you the truth Micah's the first person to tell you how "real" we are as a family, what are failures are and how we need to chill. But at the same time Micah’s fiercely loyal.

As reserved as Micah can be, there's not much I don't know about him. Micah is tough, harsh at times, unrelenting and really good at keeping  you guessing, most folks have no idea how to read him. Still Micah can be deep, sensitive, responsive, receptive and on point. When it comes to being on the spectrum, he will tell you it's simply part of him not who he is. Micah will also tell you he's socially awkward, and doesn't really like being around people but it doesn't stop people from liking Micah. In his brutal honesty he can have you in stitches, cracking up. So this weekend we took the time to give our Micah-chu the kudos he deserves with a party designed around all his randomness, a handful of close friends and of course family. 

I am a better person for knowing Micah, I believe most folks are. He's challenged me as a mother, pushed me to my limits only to surpass all my expectations. Micah is an old soul, and in his 16 years he has brilliantly transformed not only his life but those of us around him. There's nothing ordinary about Micah. He is unafraid of the unexpected and has no qualms with the un-traditional. Micah's life force is like none other, an independent spirit and a soul who's unafraid of metamorphosis. When I see my child I see the beautiful gift in Micah I never expected...his undaunted, unabashed, fearless, brave, bold, audacious and spunky self-he’s become.

Life lesson # 24: Raising boys is anything but ordinary! Thank God, growing up conventionally doesn’t always a guarantee a mundane life. The gift of parenthood despite our atypical yet orthodox views can quite surprisingly produce children who rise above society’s expectations and our own assumptions. By God’s grace in our own self-lacking, our children become remarkable, extraordinary and exceptional adults. In retrospect I never knew I could love anyone as much as I do my own children until I became a mother. Now, some 16 years later since Micah was placed into my arms, I am in awe of this journey we've set out on together. 

Happy birthday baby, you're astounding, remarkable and spectacular. I just want you to know this Micah, with every breathe I take until the day I die, I’ll be proud of you, of being your mom. I wouldn't want it any other way Micah. I love you love bug.

~ Christina AKA Mom

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