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Monday, March 23, 2015

Life Lesson # 25 ~ NO REGRETS!

To say I'm a blessed woman is an understatement. I'm always struck by the grace which abounds in my life. I realize so many of us feel we are lacking, instead of embracing the grace our lives provide each of us. Sometimes our fantasies take hold of our reasoning, the way we think and feel about those unattained desires we want for our own. Sadly many times we fail to appreciate all we have in the process. The truth is if we could just step back and take a good look at all we have, the love we carry inside us, the blessings our lives give us daily we'd find real happiness. Maybe our lights would even shine a little brighter? Seriously how many times do we actually take inventory of our own heart, our soul and spirit? How many times do we truly accept we have everything we need without longing for more than we have? Why is it we can't accept the gifts we've been given without the need to take more?

As I share advice here on my blog, you should know the advice I give, the storytelling, is all part of my own process. As I share my life with you my friends and family, you surely must know I share my heart as well. And as with any blog post, my story always begins in a moment of reflection. One moment of reflection just like this weekend as we went about our lives, going to and from, back and forth from crossfit, to hockey, work, hanging out together in the family room or gathering around the dinner table. As life danced to the big band, my heart slowed down just a bit. I took note; made mental snapshots recording those moments inside my heart. What I saw in those minutes, as hours passed was my family and the true blessing they really are. I took it all in, with thankfulness and humility. I saw their smiles; I listened to their laughter, and made a very conscious note of every moment. I was taken back, watching our family circle around me, around each other. As most of you know, we are a very close, bonded family, far from perfect, but whatever comes our way, we are strong together. 

Life lesson #25, Life is just too short to have regrets.  

I've learned a lot about myself and my family over the last six months. We've struggled but heck yes we've also overcome together. I'm never disappointed, though often surprised by their candidness. The truth be told, these cords holding us together are stronger than even I realized.

If you took the time to wonder down some of the old dirt roads behind me you'd see from where I've come and where my roots sprung from. I'm a county girl at heart, a Texas woman through and through. I have no shame in my Irish -southern roots, I was born with fire in me and I'll die with that same fire still burning strong no matter where I park my boots. I was definitely raised in a strong home, build on three things, Jesus, gospel music and home cookin'. I grew up singing right next to my Mama in church. Sunday afternoons, after church, well they were spent cookin' in the kitchen surrounded by friends and family followed by Mama's guitar and more gospel music. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything! Our home was filled with so much love, lots of laughter and of course Jesus. I grew up with a security many around me never knew. The home I lived in was not perfect by any means, but it was solid. My folks, while not saints, are very real, down to earth people. They taught me the Cinderella motto, “be kind and have courage" long before it was cool. I wouldn't trade my mom and dad for all the money in the world. Because of their example I married a good man, and while we have struggled ourselves through the years, what we have is incredible and always engaging. I don't know any other man who can have me feelin' like I'm talking to a brick wall, or fit to be tied and at the same time have me laughin' next to him like we're two peas in a pod! Together Johnny and I have raised two boys. Not perfect, always entertaining for sure, but darn tooting good boys.

Sure I've had a few "fix'in to" minutes which have left me scratching my head but looking back I have no real regrets. I wouldn't trade any one of our days together for any other sort of alternate adventure other than the ones we've saddled up on together. No regrets, just memories which will keep us laughing, maybe even questioning our sanity from time to time and yes Jesus, as we wonder through those dirt roads still ahead of us. Our lives are anchored in His love, in the grace surrounding each one of us and the memories connecting our bonds, these cords strong and sure. Anyone wanting to severe those ties will just have to wait a cotton pickin' minute! We may bend, but we won't break. 

The real truth be told, we always have room at our table, biscuits ready with warm gravy and a plate set for anyone of those we love to pull them-selves up and sit. All we ever ask is just make sure your muddy boots are left outside on the porch!


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