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Friday, July 29, 2016

LIFE LESSON #48 ~ Be Wild Child

We all have our tribe, our people, those we call our clan. We share a bond, an energy. We click in a straightforward, uncomplicated and effortless manner. We are sisters, brothers, together we are a kaleidoscope of brilliant and diverse kindred. Me, well I'm a wild one you could say, naturally a bit of free spirit. I absolutely beat a different drum. More importantly I surround myself with like minded kindred spirits. These women, they are my tribe, my clan, my kinsfolk. Together, we drive our Father nuts I have no doubt. Though born some hundreds of miles apart, we were created to be tribal, wild, strong and yes independent women.

I'm not ashamed to to say my vibe is distinctive. I like mystery but not necessarily uncertainty. I love happening upon the undiscovered. You know those not quite revealed gems of life? You can blame it on my red hair or just chalk it up to being a strong independent spirit. Either way I have always been a bit stubborn, free-willed and untamed. I’m not unruly or disorderly, nah I’m more tumultuous and passionate about life.  On an average day I can just roll out of bed in the morning, feeling wild, feisty and ready to tackle the world.  I like getting lost, wondering without worrying where the path leads. The no make-up, messy hair,  throw it up in a ponytail, just me and my bare feet, a  pair of blue jeans, and a t-shirt kind of day. You know the exact kind of days I’m talking about. I was simply born to be wild.

As a child I didn’t like to sit still, especially when I knew adventures were waiting for me outside. I bounced from one thing to another, mastering none but my own imagination.  There was always a fort to be built and conquered, a tree house to be climbed, a tea party to be planned and of course a ship to sail.  If I was going to learn something, it was going to be the hard way. I was the girl hanging from the ballet bar, upside down. Monkey bars, I knew no fear. I was a rebel without the leather jacket.  If you told me I couldn’t do something my answer was simple, “watch me!”

I guess you could say I love being spontaneous. Adventure is more my middle name than Marie is I suppose. I’m simply not afraid of my edges, they are my strengths, not my flaws.  I’m comfortable in the skin I'm in. Yes, I’ve survived more than I could dare imagine.  No, I’m not your typical walk in the park, stay close to the side walk kind of girl. I’ve faced my demons, danced with fire and been eye to eye with the dragon, the beast forcing my door down. I’m what you call a pick yourself up, get back up on the horse, let’s go again kind of princess. A quiet wild child but a wild child nonetheless. By His design I was created to sway, trip, leap and yes frolic through life. Does that mean I live a bit on the edge, teetering from time to time? Absolutely it does!  After over 43 years I'm still a living testament of my Father’s kingdom, of His grace and mercy.  My heart beats for Him and Him alone. I know without my Father the King, without His  direction or wisdom I’d be lost without courage. My so called brave heart wouldn't  be so brave anymore. My identity would be lost for I am nothing without Him. When I fall down a hill, head first it is my Father who reaches out with His steady hand, picking me back up again for I am a daughter of the King, I am His. 

This week, Life Lesson #48 is about the freedom we have to simply own who you are! Be wild child. Go on, hang out the castle window, roll down that hill, dance until morning light and be ridiculously perfectly imperfect. My two cents for what they’re worth ...always be yourself. Never be frightened, scared, fearful or even reluctant to be authentic. I know I'm never afraid to be myself in the presence of God. You want to know why? Because my Father doesn’t seek to tame me; instead He endeavors to guide me in His wisdom even if that means learning the hard way. It's by His grace the wild child inside me is free to be the impossible mess He calls His daughter. My dad, the King is more than aware this child of His is a bit of an adventurer, with my wild, crazy schemes and a heart eager to explore the outskirts of His extraordinary Kingdom. He knows, ya He does. My Dad accepts, “The wild woman speaks with her own voice. Walks her path fiercely, talks with grace and dignity. She dances to the rhythm of her own drum.” (Wild Women Sisterhood) Yes, He knows who I am and offers His Hand all the same.

This is the thing my fiery nature is about a mile wide and just as deep. This natural stubbornness of mine, this headstrong independent thinking and persistent need to roam, to explore such expansive and vast beauty both inside and outside His Kingdom, is not a flaw. He knows my heart, He sees my soul and He loves me unconditionally all the same. He's aware this wild child of His still lives quite openly within the borders of dragon country. Even when He's up pacing, shaking His head, you know what? He leaves a rope hanging just outside my window. Know why? It's simple, He's my Dad, He alone  created my untamed heart. My Father gave me this amazing way of seeing the world , wild and untamed as I may be. Through His hands my eyes were given sight. His grace is my inheritance. In spite of all my ill-considered plans His love is not demanding. He's not sitting there outside my window ready to entrap or ensnare me at the bottom. What He is, is giving, He is merciful. He calls me "beautiful one" knowing full well I'll show up in His Throne Room wearing a muddy dress, in bare feet with my tiara tilted just a wee bit. 

 A motor mouth, long winded, yep and just as difficult and impossible at times too. But you know what, my Father knows all this about me and more. He just looks me in the eyes and says, “Wake, pray and go slay dragons my wild child.”  I have no hesitation in knowing I am a daughter of the King. I live my life with boundless generosity and compassion. I do my best to stay humble, even in my rebellious ways. My courage may not always match my armor and  yes my brave heart may fail but when given a choice I’ll choose the road less traveled every time, I don't live in fear of  His rejection because I know I am His child, period, wild and free. Why you ask, well because I know, “God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:8)  At the end of the day I know,without a question my heart is pure, even if it's a tad a bit rebellious from time to time.

I simply can't help but beam inside knowing my Dad is watching me and my tribe's escapades with a bit of a grin, chuckling to Himself, scratching His chin, thinking , " Yep, those are My girls, wild and free."



  1. WOW. You know yourself, & you Own it. I used to read you while you were battling cancer. You won in more ways than one, it would appear.

    I've been away from blogging for some time & just getting back. Returning to you Like This is so far the best part. I am not a religious person, but I cannot deny it looks real good on you.

    1. Mary. I'm so happy you've found me again. I did take a long break. I'm back to writing. It's a passion of mine. Thank you for encouraging me. You have no idea how much this means to me.


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