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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Life Lesson #57 ~ His Double Shot of Irish Whiskey

There’s a saying about Celtic women. It says something like this, “we’re not created for the faint of heart.”  Honestly, that about sums it up.  Just ask my hubby. He’ll tell you straight up his wife is a double shot of whiskey without hesitation. There’s no denying my stubborn streak keeps life interesting around here.  I’m Irish through and through. I've got pale skin, a loud mouth, and yes I’m hot headed. I know I’ve seen that in writing somewhere before, probably on Pintrest I bet. Seriously though, from my red hair and freckles to my blue eyes, my boisterous laugh and all my sarcasm wrapped up in one package I am definitely my daidis daughter through and through. I may get my Scottish roots from my mama but you can bet as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow I get my fiery, feisty, excitable  Irish disposition from my daddy.

From the moment Johnny and I met he knew I was trouble. Now don’t read me wrong, I wasn’t the kind of trouble you’re afraid to take home to your mama. No, I was the kind of girl you took home, harmless until shaken that is. Truthfully I have always been a little bit of innocence and wildfire muddled together. As Anne of Green Gables said, “I know my own mind. The trouble is, my mind changes and then I have to get acquainted with it all over again.” I’ve always been a free spirit, a spit fire, full of life, adventurous, knowing no fear.  I will change my mind 100 times, and then some.  I’ll line up your shots of whiskey and then change my mind and drink it myself. Yes, I can be a very confusing creature.

 Johnny, with all his firm, fixed and sensible ways has had the job of keeping me on track. Honestly he has done a pretty good job of that through the years. He’s always loved me for my quick wit and my excited,  contagious laughter. Johnny and I have never done things ordinary, run-of-the-mill or mainstream. I think we tend to forget there’s a box. We met and married in six months. Yes, you heard me correctly, I said six months. I was everything he wanted and yet couldn’t wrap his head around. I baffled him, truly confused him, puzzled him, and unhinged his senses and emotions. I was the hot mess he never saw coming. This Irish girl made him laugh while driving him crazy and opening up new meaning to a straight up shot of 100 % proof Irish whiskey.

Life Lesson # 57 ~ I'm definitely his double shot of Irish Whiskey.  Personally I believe women are meant to be loved, not understood. Irish women on the other hand can’t be understood, loved yes, but clearly never tamed! We are raised to believe, “Is bean laidir ata ionam” which translates to, “There is a strong woman in me.”

After 20 years of marriage, I like to think I’m still that same girl, still his shot of whiskey in a delicate teacup. I’m soft, and yet can go from calm to a blazing fire in seconds if provoked. Johnny’s still my goof, the love of my life, my “strong and steady”, always and forever my honey bee as the song says.  I’m blessed to be Mrs. O. The hard times, the difficult moments we’ve shared together have only served as building blocks, paving a firm foundation that we’ve built our life and our family upon. Looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way. No, I wouldn’t trade any of the pain for only clear skies. Our struggles, the aging of our relationship and our marriage has built character, created an electric energy, and developed a fine, stable fusion of love and respect. Like a fine, aging whiskey, older is always better.

Johnny isn’t perfect but then neither am I.  He’s the only man I have ever loved to the point of losing my mind.  Why? Because Johnny just as Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables believes “being smart was better than being pretty.” He’s always seen through my insecurities, allowed me to be myself fully. Johnny loves the “me” no one else sees, the Irish girl with a fiery wit and devilish humor.  He embraces the Christina who has the dimple and the devil within. I’m free to explore who I am without changing a single thing about myself.

True, no one else may understand our connection, heck we don’t even understand us sometimes but when has love ever been fully grasped, comprehended or even deciphered completely? Song of Solomon 8:6-7 speaks of love like this, “Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death, its jealousy[a] as enduring as the grave.[b] Love flashes like fire,  the brightest kind of flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it.” This is love.  Johnny, despite any of our upside down, sideways, turbulent clashes, completely frees my wild, childlike spirit.  Maybe we’re just drunk on love, on life, but you see, we have this fire, a burning desire for each other we can’t put out after all these years together. Love, may sting at times, but just like a good Irish whiskey burns all the way down, we’ll still pour ourselves another round without a second thought.

I guess after all these years Johnny has learned the art of loving, not understanding this misfit, fiery, stubborn, feisty, hot headed, strong,  and yes soft spit fire of a Celtic woman. Johnny, ‘gets’ me, even when he’s scratching his head trying to figure me out. He’s tucked away this little gem, recognizing fully his wife will always be his double shot of Irish whiskey in a tea cup, “Her walk is a like a shot of whiskey. Neat and strong and full of purpose, and so many underestimate her punch.” (JmStore)



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