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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Life Lesson #63: Good times

Weekends are made for fun, laughter and a little bit of ruckus. Friends on the other hand are handpicked, born to spend the weekend with. I love weekends. They just simply lend themselves to freedom and fun.  Late nights, even later mornings, Tex-mex, margaritas, Mexican train, Phase 10, dancing, karaoke and anything else we can think of is up for grabs. Weekends are definitely made for me and my familia. 

When I say this week Saturday couldn’t have gotten here fast enough I am not kidding. The week itself started off with a bang for my best girlfriends and me.  Seriously, they say things come in threes? Well who am I to say otherwise?  Looking at month of September so far, not to mention this last week Lord have mercy is all I can say. It has been a riot of a mess for the three of us and that’s not saying nearly enough. Let me see if I can explain any of this without causing your heads to go up in smoke. Nat broke her hand; Shawna has had a difficult if not a downright are you kidding me kick in the butt kind of week. Then my crazy body at war with itself anyway decided re-injury of my already re-injured, messed up broken ankle was in order.  You can definitely say we’ve been asking the question, “Are we out of the woods yet?” Just not for the same reasons Taylor Swift asks. So no, it wasn’t our week. I think you’d probably agree with me, a night out, with friends was just the ticket. As one of my saved Pintrest quotes correctly says, “There are some people in life that make you laugh a little harder, smile a little bigger and live just a little better.” That’s the pure definition of my girlfriends, my familia.  

So what to do was the question. What mischief could we find? And what a problem to have right? OK so with one of us in a hand cast, another feeling the blues and the other hobbling along in a boot not made for walking we definitely had our difficulties cut out for us. Now silly goose you didn’t dare think that would stop us did you? Surely not, we’re steel magnolias, not weaklings here. With plans made, details out of the way, hubbies in tow and our bling on we sat down at Tony’s. It’s a favorite, local restaurant around our parts. The good times as folks like to say were rolling.  Tex-Mex, beer and margaritas were all on the table. As for our worries, they were fading quickly. See this is exactly why I am so blessed to call these ladies my friends. These are the kind of beautiful spirits who feed your soul, bringing your best to the surface, leaving your heart feeling whole again.

Life Lesson # 62: Good times and crazy friends make amazing memories.

Weekends, especially the kind of weekends like these, you remember. These are the moments you carry with you.  Beyond the laughter, dominoes, Fireball and cutting loose Saturday night was about real friendship. Being best friends and familia isn't just about showing up, it's actually being present in the moment. And that’s what it’s really all about isn’t it?  I wasn’t there for myself; I was there for my sisters even if I was hobbling along in my Star Wars boot. In the giving of ourselves, we all received the gift of ease and well-being. We came in with a near empty glass and left with a full one.  Proverbs 17:17 says, “A friend always loves.” And this is the beauty of our 20 plus yearlong friendship, love, unconditional and devoted in the midst of all hell breaking lose. So yes, the reality is my upcoming week may be disastrous, but the weekend is coming isn't it?

The truth is kindred spirits always recognize each other.  Our hearts see what the eye may miss in our differences. In my own personal growth, in the maturity of my friendships, I have come to understand  this: Friendships are a gift, not a #hashtag. Appreciate those who stand with you even when your hair’s a mess, your foot’s got the nerd squad all over it and you have more drama going on than the Housewives of Atlanta. These are the women who won’t abandon you; they are your sisters, your familia you've been blessed to personally handpick. When your crown starts to slip, you can bet they’ll be the ones securing it in place, with “chin up buttercup” and a smile.  These are the sisters I call kindred spirits and the women who fill my life with unbelievable joy.

“Because I have good friends my heart is happy.” Happy indeed.


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