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Thursday, June 23, 2016

LIFE LESSON #42 ~ Keep It Simple!

I’ve been busy this last year. Life has kept me on my toes, that’s for sure.  I went back to work, full time, and found my independence streak was stronger than ever. I hit the ground running. And no I haven’t stopped since. After milling around for a bit I realized I wasn’t a scared little girl, but a grown woman, strong and bold.  With a soft push I stepped off the cliff, wings ready to fly.  I reminded myself who I was embracing the strong woman that I am. With a little more encouragement and confidence I dusted off my degree, wiped off my dirty knees, straightened my skirt and rose up a completely new woman.

The adventures I’ve been on, the stories my soul has gathered and the photographs my heart has taken have been amazing. Life, as it should be has been filled with crazy ups and downs from the lunchroom through the moment I stepped back into the classroom as an educator again. Now, I’m ready for summer, to replenish, to relax and enjoy my time off.

Right now, I’m simply content to pick up my comic books, read as many books off my never ending reading list as I can, catch up on Dr. Who, the Flash and watch one of many Star Wars and Marvel movie marathons with my kiddos. Grabbing a pole, spending all night fishing with my hubby and boys on the pier has never sounded better.  A weekend at the house in the Big Thicket, surrounded by family, burgers, a game of Phase 10 and a cold beer just seems to make everything right in the world. That’s where my summer is headed, what's your plans, any exciting adventures out there waiting for you? Whatever big or small plans this summer holds, the one thing I truly hope it provides is time to recharge, regroup emotionally, mentally and physically.

We spend so much time trying to keep up, we tend to exhaust ourselves.  We’re so concerned with who went where, and where we should go instead. Who has this or that; we don’t appreciate what we’ve been given. We’re so worried about giving ourselves the perfect vacation, relaxing family time we forget to relax and enjoy our family.  Maybe it’s time to slow down, prioritize not just our time, but the ones we share our time with? Stop looking to do bigger, better things and just simply breath, take in the moment.  Who cares what Mr and Mrs Jones are doing or how green their grass is! Honestly how many times do we miss the beauty, the magic of the moment because we’re so busy caught up trying to do BIGGER & BETTER, determined to post life’s every little moment for everyone else but ourselves? I so often wonder why is it we allow ourselves to fall for social media’s trap, the push and prod, insisting we have to prove our happiness instead of just being happy. I’ve learned the hard way; happiness isn’t something you have to prove. Why, because it’s self-evident.  I’ve learned so much about family, friends and my own habits this last year.  From the front porch looking out, just sitting here with a sweet tea in my hand , thunder storms rolling in , I can say without hesitation I’m content playing back the little bits of reminiscence my heart has recorded for me and me alone.

Now, I don’t want to seem as if I’m a social media downer, I’m not by any means. It’s all about balance and that’s where I’m coming from.  I absolutely enjoy social media and all it has to offer, but I’ve learned its place in my life.  I love seeing all the pictures and tidbits shared across my social media sites, I’ve just learned not to allow it to take control, to have the front seat and the driver’s seat to boot! Honestly I found out the hard way our whole lives don’t have to be lived out completely on the information highway. Who needs or wants the whole world to see everything? Why offer a front row seat for the Jones family to take notes, judge or even a chance to appreciate every intimate moment commissioned throughout our days?  We all have public victories, moments when the crowd cheers, rejoices with us but we also have private moments, hours in our lives we don’t need an audience for, when only a select few need be part of our celebration or defeat . We all willingly open a window, giving a glimpse into our lives; we just need to understand it’s not all of who we are. I guess what I’m trying to say is life isn’t about perfect little wrapped up packages, its messy and when I look at social media as a whole I walk away scratching my head; it’s just as messy if not worse. I see how we misunderstand, hurting others by a simple key stroke.  

Life lesson #42:  Life’s a photograph we take each and every moment. Take it in, soak it up, and make each other laugh, adore his smile, and wipe away her tears. Keep it simple, keep it real. So many of us get wrapped up in the “like”, “comment “or repost” we lose sight of real heartfelt praise and appreciation. This last year, (yes again I have no shame in admitting our marriage endured the fire to become fortified steel)  I’ve come to realize I don’t need my hubby to broadcast his enduring love for me, all I need is a simple text back, “nerd’ after receiving my “love you to the Death Star and back”. That’s what makes my heart ping.  Looking down at our hands, fingers touching, and gigging because our wedding bands say "I love you, I know" is enough.

After taking a long break from social media my personal advice is this, evaluate your priorities, your intentions and the moments you allow to slip past you unintentionally. My challenge to you today is simply take a deep breath, let the warmth of summer kiss your face. Close your eyes, and then open those beautiful eyes of yours wide and see the world for the first time.  I promise you, it’s not such a bad view form where I sit. I’m no longer caught up in what my profile picture looks like; do I have a current selfie, how many likes does my last post have or how many friends or followers has my counter  ticked up today? My value isn’t placed in those stats because I know my worth (thank you Agent Carter).  My life isn’t measured by any of those of standards.  I’ve let go of anything holding me back, pulling me under. Piece by piece this year I’ve let go of everything trying to dictate my own happiness to me.  So believe me when I say I am living for the first time in a long time. In fact I’m soaring and enjoying this beautiful, visual panoramic view.  I wish for you the same, spending your time in the moment, living inside the moment, not from outside looking in, taking your time, living out loud; inspiring the lyrics in which you live by.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Life Lesson #41 ~ Put Your Fighting Shoes On!

Having your life under go total reconstruction can be messy, real messy.  Everything has to fall apart to come back together.  The reality is it’s going to become extensive and expensive on all fronts. Reconstructing your life is painful yet remarkable.  Life, once you commit to the process of reformation can get complicated.  Suddenly our typical right of way priorities are uprooted, dug up and sorted out. There’s a saying “I’m proud of who I am because I fought hard to become her.”  This suits me perfectly.  Who I am now, who I have become compared to who I was before 2015 is almost unrecognizable.

I guess I kinda just fell off the face of the earth, tucked myself under a rock and squirreled away for the winter.  Sometimes you just have to simplify life, get rid of all your distractions and let the rest go.  I made a conscious decision to prioritize my marriage, my family and yes, myself.  It’s surprising how many times as women we think we’re aware of our priorities and yet know absolutely nothing about any of them. We’re so busy taking care of everyone else but ourselves we lose sight of the deterioration happening inside the walls of our everyday lives.

So what is a girl to do? Well, I simply walked away from my old life, my broken down, beat up, aged and ramshackled routines.  In doing so, I began evaluating what was important, taking inventory, stopping the emotional and mental hemorrhaging. I accepted my life really had to change, then I began relying upon myself. And guess what? I discovered a determination, a lioness I had no idea was just under the surface, ready and waiting, clawing herself up and out of me.  In the days that followed, I embraced a new way of thinking, living and looking at the world around me. I reevaluated my entire existence and you know what, I learned a lot. First I took down my Facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts.  Then I decided to put The Uniboob Club on hiatus. Life needed to slow down, way down to a snail’s pace actually. I needed to find my own way and my own voice. Bottom line, my life had to undergo reconstruction.

Put your fighting shoes on! Cause Life Lesson # 41, speaks to the strength, the power, the energy and spark within you, believing you’re a force to be reckoned with!

Life, as a whole, is all about change. How we adapt, refine and allow ourselves to be transformed through and by the fire.  We can be made, forged by the flame or we can be unmade, becoming ash, swept away and forgotten.  My choice came when I hit the end of my rope. I had to decide was I capable of walking into the fire, boldly or not?  Today, I couldn’t be more grateful for the process. See my reality had to change, how I saw myself and those whom I loved.  I had to let go of old ideas, past ways of doing things, to begin purposely redirecting my thoughts and completely embrace both new and different choices. Since deciding to jump into the deep end of the ocean, feet first, I’ve journeyed a thousand miles and back again emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  And you know what; I’ve become a completely different person.  Truthfully if you based what you think you know about me on the girl I was a year ago, then you have no idea who the woman I have become today.

Boy, I thought breast cancer changed me; honey, cancer had nothing on my 40’s! Let me tell you something though, for every attempt, every near miss and each hit my life has taken, this woman has not been broken.   I may have come close, but I haven’t shattered. I am still in one piece even if my life has been rearranged a little differently.  Did I almost lose myself, yes, and everything within striking distance?  There was a definite black hole pulling me in toward complete chaos and yes, darkness.  Yes! I was helpless to fight against it for a good long while.  Was I hurt, betrayed, abandoned? Yes I was. Did my marriage go through the fire? Yes it did!  Am I ashamed of that tidbit? no, absolutely not! You know why? Because, “the hardest steel is FORGED in the hottest fire”…

Today, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been before.  I believe in a strong heart, strong mind, and strong body. Once those are in tack your soul can’t help but become stronger. Mohamed Ali has always said, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” And that’s exactly what I have done with my life! I’m physically, and mentally more powerful.  I know my limits.  I’m confident; secure in my own body image, in my marriage and the goals I’ve set for myself. I’m comfortable in my own skin, in my nerdy, geeky self. I’m not afraid of change, of its fluidity. My advice..stop worrying about the closed doors behind you..keep yourself focused on the opened ones in front of you. Doors will close in life while others will open.   Don’t focus so much on what anyone else thinks, compete with no one except yourself.  Insecurities are loud, confidence speaks for itself. Humility is the real key to success, to accept that you may not have all the answers all the time and you may not be right no matter how desperately you want to be. What we need to realize is it’s not about lifting yourself up while knocking someone else down in the process. The goal ahead of you should be clear, not the prize.  Prizes fade, goals change. Remember no one has to like you; no one else needs to validate your success as long as you know your own worth. As long as you love yourself, you’ll succeed, doors will open and yes you’ll "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

~ Christina

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Uniboob Club Goes Under Contruction

A little note from Christina...

As you can see things are changing a bit around here. I hope you're as excited as I am! I'm really eager to dig into new life lessons and yes seriously begin writing after too long of a hideous. So just be patient with me a little longer, I'm working on new posts and an update to the blog, something new, simpler and something to match who I've grown into this past year. See you soon!

~ Christina