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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Life Lesson #117 ~ Unbiological Sisters

"My cirlce is small but the love is enormous and genuine, it gets no better." ~ Alex Elle

Life Lesson #117 ~ Un-biological Sisters. the glue that keeps our lives together. I often wonder how I would make it through life without the strong women in my life. I'm so blessed by this small group of tight- knit,close fierce women in my world who somehow keep  me together when everything seems to be falling apart. These friendships, these women are my closest confidants, true kindred spirits, and yes my un-biological sisters. I often think of Philippians 1:3-4 when I'm with my sisters, "Every time I think of you, I thank my God. And whenever I mention you in my prayers, it makes me happy." 

So what are un- biological sisters and why do we need them? Well these are the women who know us better than we know ourselves. These women, mad at us or not we can call at 3 am in the morning and find the encouragement we need. These women are our champions. they don't hold a grudge, and they don't stay mad at us for long. These women, they are part of us, part of our soul's tapestry. These women listen to us, cry with us and tell us the truth even when it's not what we want to hear. Do these women replace our own siblings? No, not at all. These relationships are not a way around complicated family dynamics nor are they meant to be a substitute for our biological family. What they are, are real, genuine, authentic, unwavering and steadfast connections. Think of it this way: like we need air to breathe we also need these particular close friendships in order to grow. For me these are the women I rely upon. These are the women I trust with my life, with both my most painstaking and joyous moments. These women do not share the same DNA as me but we do share something bigger, we share the same heart. The bonds we share as un-biological sisters connect us to one another across a lifetime of memories.

What I love about these special women in my life is I can be myself with them. No matter where we are or what we're doing I can be me. Whether that is me being silly, acting like a fool or simply being Christina.  They get me, the crazy, goofy person I am, I can wear my heart on my sleeve and love fiercely without fear around  them. I'm not always easy but I'm not difficult either. I have my quiet side, my loud side and my spontaneous side. I can be the nerd, geek, book worm, Disney freak or the snaughler queen I am without any judgment around my sisters. No matter where life has taken us, the one thing that is always constant is my un-biological sisters. I respect these amazing women in my life. I'm extremely thankful for each and everyone of these ladies that complete my circle. 

As Nanea Hoffman says, "I am so grateful for the glorious weirdness that is my life and for those who travel this beautiful, twisty road with me." So yes I am a complicated creature. My life is absolutely a masterpiece of glorious weirdness, uniquely my own to be certain. I am most definitely a different cup of tea, a fiery red headed mess with a definite southern accent all my own. Yes, my circle may be small but I can assure you that it's intensely loyal. I may have been raised an only child but I'm not my mother's only daughter. Because of these women I call my sisters, my mother has many daughters who both love her and call her mom. What I have learned in life is not all family comes to us by birth. Instead many come to us through imperfect love and mutual weirdness. And these are exactly the blessings un-biological sisters bring into our lives... a sisterhood of unconditional and wholehearted love. 

Why do we need un-biological sisters? My thoughts are this: maybe it's because we all need a friend who understands what we're not saying. And maybe it's because, "The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we're weak and sing with us when we're strong." ~ Sark

~ Christina

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