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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Life Lesson # 139 ~ Girls From Texas

"Forget glass slippers this princess wears boots." ~ Anonymous

I wasn't born in Texas but I can tell you as the old saying goes, I got here as fast as I could. That aside I am definitely God made, Jesus saved and Texas raised. I love  rodeo, the Texas country music circuit, a good ole kolache in the morning, my Blue Bell on a hot day, my Tex-Mex any day of the week and yes I know a good margarita when I taste one. You can say I have Texas in my soul. It's s been said by Bob Bullock, "Only death will end my love affair with Texas." I do believe he's right. I am proud of my state, of the generous, friendly people, the old dirt roads, rusty old fences, cattle grazing and the town I have rested my boots under the bed from the time I was a little girl. Yes, my roots run deep here in the Lone Star state. Texas is my home and no matter where I go, my heart always longs for Red River Country. I have to admit, the saying is true, "You can take the girl out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of the girl!"

I often talk about being southern, and I am most definitely a hot southern mess that's for sure. But tried and true, I'm a Texas girl, grown, raised and continuing to thrive. Billy Clayton, once said, "A born Texan has instilled in his system a mind-set of no retreat or surrender. I wish everyone the world over had the dominating spirit that motivates Texans." I can't argue with this statement either. Maybe it's because we still carry the spirit of the defenders of the Alamo within us. Or maybe it's because the blood split at the end of that 13 day siege was that of heroes from 23 different states and 7 countries. You see no matter what the reason is, Texans are a proud, steadfast tough bunch, overcoming adversity with a grin and a swagger. And as a Texas raised girl, I have  grit not because I'm naturally tough but because I was raised in the presence of strong Texas women. I have been given the opportunity to sit in the laps and to walk beside women who've learned generation after generation, through drought and hardships to fight back. Women who know that struggle is part of the process and women who don't stand down even when it's the easiest choice to make. Women who can admit they're wrong and hug your neck without a grudge. When it comes to the Texas women I know, they hold on to their core values. Texas women stay the course, even if it means going down with the ship. If the Alamo taught Texas women anything, it's this: we're capable of anything and have the fortitude to fight for our families in spite of the whatever forces rise up against us. And why, well because we know without a doubt when we stand together we're a force to be reckoned with.

Now on the other side of that coin, Texas girls are gracious and playful, and a downright funny  bunch of ladies too. We do not believe we're better than anyone else, we just tend to be a bit confident when it comes to our footing. The truth is girls from Texas are about as diverse as they come. We come from the Coastal Plains, the North Central Plains, the Great Plains, the Mountains and Basins of Texas. We're made up of many different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and races but the one thing that  runs true, tying us together as Texas women is our integrity and our compassion. We are Texas proud, but we hold to our core beliefs, keeping a spirit of humility  and generosity in everything we do. We're definitely a sassy bunch let me tell you but we're also a very friendly crowd too. We love to get gussied up, wearing our pearls but we can go from high heels to boots and jeans in less time than it takes to shake a stick. One thing about a Texas girl, she's fairly independent and stubborn. She can take care of herself  that's for certain. She can change a tire, work outside of her home, raise her kids, be team mom and a cook you a five course meal without the blink of an eye.  That said, a Texas woman also enjoys and understands how to step back and allow herself to be taken care of without feeling any less of a woman for it. As has been said so well by Kathy Lynn Harris. To paraphrase,"Texas women are fiercely loyal, we're going to do what we're going to do so it's best to get on board with us. We love our college football, our Texans, and I shutter to say Cowboys. We're deeply involved in our kids lives, we hold it together in difficult times, and we'll show you some of the sweetest hospitality you've ever known if we trust you." And I'll add myself Texas women are known for loving deeply and a bit wildly. When they feel safe, they'll let their hair down. Texas girls, well  we can party till the cows come home literally and still keep it classy.

And that is exactly what this Texas girl did Friday night. My hubby, a Texas born man through and through, bought us tickets to see one of Texas's greatest sons of country music, the amazing and talented Pat Green. If you have to ask who he is, you're probably not from Texas.  And if you have to ask if we're fans, then you missed a truck ride or 100 with us when the boys were little. 'Wave on Wave' was on constant repeat every time we got in the truck. Till this day, our boys whose music tastes have expanded since then, still love Pat Green. Listening to his music or catching him on the Texas music scene, especially in Greune Hall is as Texan as apple pie is to Americana culture. I can't tell you how amazing Friday night was. It was a night I won't soon forget. Hearing Pat's songs live, reminded me of so many good times singing to the top of our lungs in a crowd of Pat Green fans as the kids were growing up. Memories made, this time without the kids, just the two of us, swaying to 'Baby Doll' and dancing to 'Three Days' hand in hand on a jeans and boots kind of Texas night was this girl's idea of perfection.

As I close, I realize Life Lesson #139 ~ Girls from Texas may not be every one's cup of tea. But  I have to say it's certainly filled with just enough sweetness for anyone curious enough about Texas girls and the women they become.  I know Texas isn't every one's idea of Heaven and that's OK. Some see our pride here in The Lone Star as arrogance, egotism or conceit but the truth is it's more about respect for all this land has given us and the people and the culture created by those who came before us. The thing about Texas pride is it's a mixture of success and failures, humility and stubbornness. We don't expect everyone to understand us. Heck sometimes we don't even understand ourselves. We do however have a love for one another, our history, our flag, heritage, music and an all-inclusive cowboy culture that can't be rivaled. The truth is I am without hesitation a Texas woman, through and through. A little girl raised from the age of 7 to call this little bit of Heaven home. I'll forever be a 'Way Back Texas' girl with my feet firmly planted 'Deep in the Heart of Texas'. I have to say on a morning like this, sitting on my front porch looking out, I'm  without a doubt thankful for the people, the culture, the music and the home I have found in Texas.  And certainly while the lyrics  of 'Wave on Wave' are not necessarily about Texas, I imagine it's not too far of a stretch to think they could be as Pat Green sings, "The clouds broke and the angels cried, "You ain't gotta walk alone." That's why He put me in your way. You came upon me wave on wave."

"Texas living , where the tea is sweet, our words are long, the days are warm and our faith is strong." ~ Anonymous


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