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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Life Lesson #157 ~ Daughters of the King

"A Daughter of the King is known not by the crown she wears. but by the message she bears." ~ Daughters of the King ebook

As a child did you ever dream of being royalty? I know I did. Yes, this comic book loving, Sci-Fi watching little girl daydreamed of being a princess. Pictures of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty come to mind. I mean who wouldn't want to talk to animals and sing all day? I sure did, but more than anything  I wanted to wield a sword, carry a shield and fight with the rebels. I twirled around in my cape made from a bath towel and carried a light saber made of a cardboard wrapping paper roll. My idea of royalty was more of a warrior than a dainty helpless damsel. I wanted to be like my favorite Amazon fighting Princess, Wonder Woman right out of my comic books or even Princess Leia from a galaxy far far away fighting against an evil Empire. Looking back now, I know I'm a warrior by birth. Even at my weakest, I've been a fighter from the start . Sure as a child I may have been fighting imaginary foes, but those battles fought inside my daydreams had a purpose. You see they were there to prepare me for what was to come, to train me for the real battles I'd face one day.

The God of Heaven knew I would face illness beyond description, and that I'd have my heart broken and shattered. Still He chose me, called me and embraced me as His own. He placed a crown upon my head and a sword and shield in my hands. He breathed purpose into my life, carved mercy and grace upon my heart and gave me the spirit of a warrior. His love turned my life around, picking me up, dusting me off and encouraging me each and every time I've fallen. I call Him Father, my daddy and He calls me by name, His daughter, a child of Heaven and Earth, commanding His angels with my protection.  His Spirit lives within me, pushing me forward, encouraging me never to give up. As I've spoken of recently, there's a spiritual battle going on all around us, on all fronts. No mater how strong we are or how prepared we think we may be at some point we're going to be tested and the enemy is going to surprise us. When those times beckon, that's when knowing Whose you are is so important. So when I'm trapped in the middle of a battle, fallen and afraid, I know Whose crown I wear, Whose shield I hold and Whose sword I carry with me onto the battle field. My Father comes to me, a King carrying me back in His arms to the safety of His camp. It is in these moments He speaks to my heart, reminding me through the words of Lisa Jo Baker, "There is nothing ordinary about you. You are a Daughter of the King and your story is significant."

Certainly the world can remind me of each and every failure. Scoffers can throw stones,  hurdle words of hurt and try to inflict pain upon my heart/ But  you see what they do not understand is my heart, my soul and my spirit have been forged by the fire, carved from grace and set in the mercy of Jesus Christ. What is done is done, my past is my past. I have not only been forgiven but by His grace I also forgive those who have injured and wounded me. You see as Elaine S. Daltons reminds us, "I understand who I am and whose I am." I may not be Wonder Woman or Princess Leia in real life but I am a warrior, redeemed, forgiven, fearfully and wonderfully made, a Daughter of  the King of Kings and the God of Heaven and Earth. No matter what has or will come my way the weight of the world can't change the truth that I have been claimed, adopted and called His. Be it pain, suffering, emotional loss, physical  scars, joy, hope and yes happiness all these things have shaped me, built me, and made me into the warrior princess that I am today. I am not a picture perfect princess. I go barefoot more often than I wear shoes. I go without makeup and usually have my hair tied up in messy ponytail, and yes with a crooked tiara on top of my head most days. I can sure get mad, snort when I laugh and trip over my own feet. I am not over confident though, instead I'm a very real, authentic and flawed, daughter of the King. My identity isn't found in who the world says I am, should be or the opinions of those who would throw me into the lions den. No my identity is found solely in the absolute mercies of Jesus Christ.

Psalms 91:14-15 tells me this, “If you’ll hold on to me for dear life,” says God, “I’ll get you out of any trouble. I’ll give you the best of care if you’ll only get to know and trust me. Call me and I’ll answer, be at your side in bad times;" And the truth is He has kept His word. The real story inside Life Lesson #157 ~ Daughters of the King is in knowing this simple truth, "You are strong and beautiful. You are a woman trained by the King to be a warrior, to face the very battle in front of you. You will not fail for He is with you." (April Williams)  I can tell you without hesitating His name is great, and so is His spirit inside of you. I'm forever grateful that I heard His voice inside my heart calling out to me, "Little girl, arise and take my name." It was at that moment I realized the God of Heaven not only knew my name, but called me His, and in His eyes my life was meaningful. I knew then I was not only a child of God, but in fact a Daughter of the Highest King. He not only claimed me, He knew me before I was formed, before my heart began to beat under my mother's and He placed me in this world for a purpose. This is my truth, a truth which covers me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. And I tell you with all I am, "God's truth has prevailed in my life. I am not important because of what I've done, but because of what's been done for me. My worth is not based on my fame, but my Father's name. I am a daughter of the Most High, whose worth is defined by a sacrifice that was made by Jesus. That is who I am." (FlourishigToday.com)  So today, I say to you, arise little girl~ What do you have to fear?  Don't you know you're anointed and  blessed? Let Isaiah 14:27 ring in your ears, "All the forces of darkness cannot stop what God has ordained." Then take this to heart beautiful girl... I know, "inside you may be a weak heart but behind it is a strong God." (curiano.com)  So go on, take up your sword, hold tightly to your shield, you're a warrior, a daughter of the King, and His name is written upon your heart.

"I am a daughter of royal birth. My Father is King of Heaven and Earth; My spirit was born in the courts on high; A child beloved, a princess am I." ` Anna Johnson


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